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Emma Willits

Emma K. Willits was a pioneering woman physician and surgeon who played an important role in the... more »

Emmanuel Hostin

Emmanuel Hostin is the husband of Sunny Hostin. more »

Enrique Ona

Dr. Enrique T. Ona is a Filipino surgeon and public servant. He is the current Secretary of the... more »

Eric Arnott

Eric John Arnott FRCS was a British ophthalmologist and surgeon who specialized in cataracts, a... more »

Eric M. Genden

Eric M. Genden is an American otolaryngologist with the distinction of being the first surgeon... more »

Eric Munoz

Eric Munoz, M.D., MBA, FACS was an American Republican Party politician, who served in the New... more »

Erich Lexer

Erich Lexer was a German surgeon born in Freiburg im Breisgau. He studied medicine at the... more »

Ernest Lane

James Ernest Lane FRCS was a British surgeon. He was head surgeon at St Mary's Hospital, London... more »

Ernst Georg Ferdinand Küster

Ernst Georg Ferdinand Küster was a German surgeon born in Wollin. He studied medicine in Bonn,... more »

Ernst Julius Gurlt

Ernst Julius Gurlt was a German surgeon born in Berlin. He was the son of veterinarian Ernst... more »

Ernst von Bergmann

Ernst von Bergmann was a Baltic German surgeon. He is a pioneer of aseptic surgery. Born in... more »

Ernst-Günther Schenck

Ernst-Günther Schenck was a German Standartenführer and doctor who joined the SS in 1933... more »

Erwin Payr

Erwin Payr was an Austrian-German surgeon born in Innsbruck. Following graduation in 1894 at... more »

Esam Omeish

Esam S. Omeish is a Libyan-born American physician and chief of the Division of General Surgery... more »

Estela O'Brien

Estela O'Brien is the sister of Soledad O'Brien. more »

Étienne Lombard

Étienne Lombard was a French otolaryngologist and surgeon who discovered the Lombard effect, in... more »

Eugen Enderlen

Eugen Enderlen was a German physician and surgeon born in Salzburg, Austria. He studied medicine... more »

Eugen Pólya

Jenő Sándor Pólya, German: Eugen Alexander Pólya, Hungarian: Pólya Jenő Sándor was an Hungarian... more »

Eugène-Louis Doyen

Eugène-Louis Doyen was a French surgeon who was a native of Reims. He was the son of Octave... more »

Euryclides de Jesus Zerbini

Euryclides de Jesus Zerbini was a noted Brazilian physician and foremost cardiac surgeon. He is... more »

Evan O'Neill Kane

Evan O'Neill Kane was a surgeon working in Pennsylvania, United States in the late 19th and... more »

Evarts Ambrose Graham

Evarts Ambrose Graham, M.D., F.A.C.S. was a professor, a physician, and a surgeon. more »

Ewan Cameron

Ewan Cameron was a Scottish physician who worked with Linus Pauling on Vitamin C research. He... more »

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