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Betty Corday

Betty Corday was a broadway dramatic actress and long-time American television producer. She... more »

Betty Paraskevas

Rita E. "Betty" Paraskevas was a New York writer and lyricist best known for her work on Maggie... more »

Bill Craig

Bill Craig was a Scottish television scriptwriter. He wrote a large number of scripts, including... more »

Bill MacIlwraith

Bill MacIlwraith is an author. more »

Bob Homme

Robert "Bob" Homme, CM was an American-born television actor, best known as the host of The... more »

Bob Horowitz

Bob Horowitz is a film producer. more »

Bob Mosher

Robert "Bob" Mosher was a television and radio scriptwriter born in Auburn, New York. He was... more »

Bob Schiller

Bob Schiller is an American screenwriter. He worked extensively with fellow producer/screenwriter... more »

Bob Weiskopf

Bob Weiskopf was an American screenwriter and producer for television. He has credits for I Love... more »

Bożena Walter

Bożena Walter is a journalist and tv presenter. more »

Brendan Leonard

Brendan Patrick Leonard is a filmmaker best known for his series on ABC Family, The Brendan... more »

Brent Maddock

Brent Maddock is a screenwriter, producer and film director who has worked on several high... more »

Brian Cooke

Brian Cooke is a British comedy writer who, along with co-writer Johnnie Mortimer wrote scripts... more »

Brian Eastman

Brian Eastman (born 3 September 1949, Brighton, UK) is a producer of feature films (such as... more »

Brian Gatewood

Brian Gatewood is a screenwriter. more »

Brian Graden

Brian Graden is an American television executive. more »

Brian K. Roberts

Brian K. Roberts is an American television director. In addition, he was involved with The... more »

Brian Smith

Brian Smith is a television producer. more »

Britt Allcroft

Hilary Mary "Britt" Allcroft is a British television producer, writer and director. She is the... more »

Bruce Helford

Bruce Helford is an American television writer and producer. Helford was the co-creator of The... more »

Bryan Elsley

Bryan Elsley is a Scottish television writer, best known for the co-creation of E4 teen drama... more »

Burhanuddin Radzi

Burhanuddin Radzi is one of the program creators for TV program Upin & Ipin. more »


Buronson, also known as Sho Fumimura, is a Japanese manga artist, most known by his famous work... more »

Burt Metcalfe

Burt Metcalfe is a Canadian American television and film producer, director, and writer. more »

Byron Balasco

Byron Balasco is a TV Program Creator. more »

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