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K-Ske Hasegawa

K-Ske Hasegawa is a male Japanese light novelist from Fukui, Japan. In June 2003, he made his... more »

Kader Aoun

Kader Aoun is a screenwriter. more »

Kandemir Konduk

Kandemir Konduk is a screenwriter. more »

Karam ElNaggar

Karam ElNaggar is a screenwriter. more »

Karen Chau

Karen Chau is an American artist and creator of the children's television series Ni Hao, Kai-Lan... more »

Karen Katz

Karen Katz is a film and television producer. more »

Karina Dam

Karina Dam is a screenwriter. more »

Karl Beattie

Karl Beattie is a television director and producer known for a string of shows which feature... more »

Karolina Frankowska

Karolina Frankowska is a screenwriter and the creator of the Polish tv series True Law. more »

Karuho Shiina

Karuho Shiina is a comic book creator(Mangaka). more »

Kate Taylor

Kate Taylor is a television producer. more »

Katharina Rietz

Katharina Rietz is a television producer. more »

Katherine Fry

Katherine Fry is a screenwriter and film producer. more »

Kathleen Minton

Kathleen Minton is a television producer. more »

Kawthar Heikal

Kawthar Heikal is a screenwriter. more »

Kay Mellor

Kay Mellor, OBE is an English actress, scriptwriter, and director best known for her work on... more »

Kazuhiko Yukawa

Kazuhiko Yukawa is a screenwritter. more »

Keith Crofford

Keith Crofford born April 14, 1960 in Fort Dix, New Jersey, is an executive vice president of... more »

Ken Finkleman

Ken Finkleman is a Canadian television and film writer, producer and actor. Finkleman was born... more »

Ken Forsse

Earl Kenneth "Ken" Forsse was an American inventor, author, and producer who created the hit toy... more »

Ken Taylor

Kenneth Heywood Taylor FRSA was an Award-winning English screenwriter, credited as Ken Taylor. more »

Ken Warwick

Ken Warwick is a British television executive producer and director, most noted for producing... more »

Kenji Shimizu

Kenji Shimizu is a film producer. more »

Kenji Yoshida

Kenji Yoshida is a Japanese anime producer and illustrator. He is the co-founder of the... more »

Kenny Hotz

Kenneth Joel "Kenny" Hotz is a Canadian producer, writer, director, actor, and comedian. He is a... more »

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