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Daniel Glazer

Daniel Glazer is a real estate broker and a former talent manager. more »

Danielle Bilodeau

Danielle Bilodeau is the sister of Jean-Luc Bilodeau. more »

Dave Bugliari

Dave Bugliari is the husband of Alyssa Milano. more »

David Ankrum

David Ankrum is an actor. more »

David Begelman

David Begelman was a Hollywood producer who was involved in a studio embezzlement scandal in the... more »

David Lander

David L. Lander is an American actor, comedian, composer, musician, and baseball scout. He has... more »

David Riva

David Riva is a film producer and talent agent. more »

Don Arden

Don Arden, was an English music manager, agent, and businessman best known for overseeing the... more »

Dora Whitaker

Dora Whitaker is the sister of Johnny Whitaker. more »

Dorothea Trebs

Dorothea Trebs is a talent agent and the mother of Nele Trebs. more »

Dragoș Bucur

Dragoş Bucur is a Romanian actor. Dragoş Bucur received the Shooting Stars Award, the annual... more »

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