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Maggie Renzi

Maggie Renzi is an actress, film producer, teacher and talent agent. more »

Marc Watts

Marc Watts is a talent agent. more »

Marina Darling

Marina Darling is the wife of Adrian Hough. more »

Marsha Hervey

Marsha Hervey is the mother of Jason Hervey. more »

Martin Baum

Martin "Marty" Baum was an American talent agent known for his work at the Creative Artists... more »

Marty Ingels

Marty Ingels is an American actor, comedian, theatrical agent, and, by many, best known as... more »

Mary Castellino

Mary Castellino was a talent agent and the mother of Don Grady. more »

Mary Jo Slater

Mary Jo Slater is an American casting director and producer for film, television and theatre... more »

Michael Ovitz

Michael Ovitz is a film producer. more »

Michael Summerton

Michael Summerton was an English actor and talent agent who began his career as one of the... more »

Michael Whitehall

Michael John Whitehall is the father of Jack Whitehall. more »

Mike Nilon

Mike Nilon is a talent agent and film producer. more »

Milton H. Bren

Milton H. Bren was a film producer. more »

Myron Selznick

Myron Selznick was an American film producer and talent agent. more »

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