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Laila Bagge Wahlgren

Laila Natali Bagge Wahlgren, born 15 December 1972 in Lund as Laila Natali Cahling, formerly... more »

Larry A. Thompson

Larry A. Thompson is a Hollywood film producer, personal manager, book packager, lawyer, author,... more »

Larry Rudolph

Larry Rudolph is an American talent manager and former entertainment lawyer. He is best known as... more »

Larry Wanagas

Larry Wanagas is the founder of Bumstead Records. more »

Laurie David

Laurie Ellen David, née Lennard is an American environmental activist. She produced the Academy... more »

Lawrence Vavra

Lawrence Vavra was born November 15, 1977 in Los Angeles and is an American music manager known... more »

Lee Townsend

Lee Townsend is an American independent music producer, curator, artist manager and co-owner of... more »

Lee Wolfberg

Lee Wolfberg was an actor, TV producer, talent agent and manager. more »

Lenny Hambro

Leonard William Hambro, known as Lenny Hambro, was a journeyman jazz musician who played... more »

Leo Fenn Sr.

Leo Fenn Sr. is a band manager and the father of Sherilyn Fenn. more »

Lepa Brena

Fahreta Živojinović, known by her stage name Lepa Brena, is a pop-folk and pop singer, actress,... more »

Lesley Duff

Lesley Duff is a talent manager and actress. more »

Lian Gerbino

Lian Gerbino is an Argentine musician, musical producer and mixer. Best known for being the... more »

Lin Milano

Lin Milano is a fashion designer, a film producer and the mother of Alyssa Milano and Cory Milano. more »

Linda Henrie

Linda Henrie is a talent manager and the mother of Lorenzo James Henrie. more »

Linda Wooley

Linda Dotson Wooley was born in Hendersonville, in 1954 and is the widow of the actor and... more »

Linwood Simon

Linwood Simon is the husband and manager of Gloria Gaynor. more »

Lisa Goldman

Lisa Goldman is the mother and manager of Logan Lerman. more »

Lou Adler

Lou Adler is an American record producer, manager, director, and an owner of the famous Roxy... more »

Louis Walsh

Michael Louis Vincent Walsh is an Irish entertainment manager and judge on British television... more »

Lucinda Winters

Lucinda Winters is the daughter of Jonathan Winters. more »

Lynda Goodfriend

Lynda Goodfriend is an American actress who is best remembered as Lori Beth Cunningham, Richie's... more »

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