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Tahir Rashid

Tahir Rashid British born poet, manager and entrepreneur in the Islamic media and Nasheed... more »

Takaya Kokubo

Takaya Kokubo is a talent manager. more »

Tarquin Gotch

Tarquin Gotch is an entertainment industry veteran, having worked in the music and later on in... more »


Vlad Irimia, primarily known by his stage name Tataee, is a Romanian record producer, rapper,... more »

Teri Shepherd

Teri Shepherd was the partner and manager of Frances Faye. more »

Terry Kay Cox

Terry Kay Cox is the mother of Nikki Cox. more »

Terry Knight

Terry Knight, born Richard Terrance Knapp, was an American rock and roll music producer,... more »

Thomas David Tennenbaum

Thomas David Tennenbaum was married to Barbara Darrow. more »

Tina Davis

Tina Davis is singer Chris Brown's manager. She is the woman that allegedly sent Chris Brown a... more »

Tiziana Arrigoni

Tiziana Arrigoni is a talent manager. more »

Todd Hunter

Todd Stuart Hunter is a New Zealand musician and composer known for his involvement in the band... more »

Tony Rader

Tony Rader is an actor and a talent manager. more »

Tony Smith

Tony Smith is best known as talent manager for Genesis since 1973 and for the solo careers of... more »

Tony Stanger

Anthony George Stanger is a former Scottish international rugby union player, and is Scotland's... more »

Torsten Stenzel

Torsten Stenzel is a successful German musician, songwriter, composer and producer for more than... more »

Troy Carter

Troy Carter is an American music manager who is the founder, chairman and CEO of Coalition Media... more »


Mitsuo Terada, better known professionally as Tsunku, is a prolific Japanese record producer,... more »

Tyra Doyle

Tyra Doyle is the mother of Meagan Good. more »

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