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Eiji Kabashima, better known by his stage name Kaba-chan, is an openly gay Japanese celebrity... more »

Kana Matsumoto

Kana Matsumoto is an actress. more »

Kaori Manabe

Kaori Manabe is a Japanese television personality and model. She was born May 31, 1980 in Ehime... more »

Karen Miyama

Karen Miyama is a Japanese actress. She used to be part of the Gekidan Tohai talent agency, and... more »

Kazue Itoh

Kazue Itoh is a Japanese actress from Seya-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. She attended... more »

Kazuki Shimizu

Kazuki Shimizu is a Japanese actor best known for his role as Don "Hakase" Dogoier in the 2011... more »

Kazushige Nagashima

Kazushige Nagashima is a Japanese actor, sports commentator and former professional baseball... more »

Keiko Takeshita

Keiko Takeshita is a Japanese actress. She starred in "From Up Poppy Hill" as Hana Matsuzaki in... more »

Keiko Toda

Keiko Toda is a Japanese actress and voice actress. Her most famous role is being the voice of... more »

Keito Okamoto

Keito Okamoto is a Japanese singer and member of the J-pop group Hey! Say! JUMP. He is under the... more »

Ken Miyake

Ken Miyake is an actor and member of the musical group V6. more »

Ken'ya Ōsumi

Kenya Ōsumi is a Japanese dancer, and singer. He was married to singer Rumiko Koyanagi between... more »

Kenichi Ono

Kenichi Ono is a Japanese voice actor, tarento, and actor from Tokyo. His birth name is Kikuo Ono. more »

Kenji Haga

Kenji Haga is a mixed-race entertainment talent, actor and businessperson from Okinawa, Okinawa... more »

Kento Senga

Kento Senga is a Japanese actor, idol and talent. more »

Kinichi Hagimoto

Kinichi Hagimoto is a Japanese comedian. He is active as a stage performer, emcee, and manager... more »

Kiriko Isono

Kiriko Isono is an actress. more »

Koichi Yamadera

Kōichi Yamadera is a Japanese voice actor, actor, tarento, narrator, master of ceremonies and... more »

Koji Imada

Koji Imada is an actor and comedian. more »

Kota Yabu

Kota Yabu is a Japanese singer as well as a member of Hey! Say! JUMP. He is under the management... more »

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