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Sachiko Kobayashi

Sachiko Kobayashi is an actress and voice actress. more »

Sachiko Kokubu

Sachiko Kokubu is a Japanese actress and fashion model. She has starred several TV dramas and... more »


Saeko is a Japanese actress and media talent who has had a number of supporting roles in films... more »

Sakura Uehara

Sakura Uehara is a voice actor. more »

Sayuri Kokushō

Sayuri Kokushō is a Japanese actor, singer, and tarento. She was an original member of Onyanko... more »

Seina Kasugai

Seina Kasugai is an actress. more »


Serina is an actress and singer. more »

Shigeru Izumiya

Shigeru Izumiya is a Japanese poet, folk singer, actor, tarento. He established the record... more »

Shikou Kanai

Shikou Kanai is a voice actor. more »

Shimako Iwai

Shimako Iwai is a writer. more »

Shin'ichi Hatori

Shin'ichi Hatori is an actor. more »

Shingo Nakagawa

Shingo Nakagawa is a Japanese stage and screen actor from Tochigi Prefecture. Nakagawa was... more »

Shinichiro Ohta

Shinichiro Ohta is a Japanese voice actor and television announcer noted primarily in the West... more »

Shino Ikenami

Shino Ikenami is an actress. more »

Shintaro Morimoto

Shintaro Morimoto is a Japanese actor and singer. He is under the management of Johnny & Associates. more »

Shoko Nakagawa

Shoko Nakagawa is a Japanese tarento, actress, voice actress, illustrator, and singer. Also... more »

Shunji Fujimura

Shunji Fujimura is a Japanese actor from Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan. He appeared in the second... more »

Shunsuke Daito

Shunsuke Daito is a Japanese actor, talent and fashion model. He was born in Sakai, Osaka,... more »

Subaru Kimura

Subaru Kimura is a Japanese voice actor. more »

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