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Takako Uehara

Takako Uehara is a Jpop singer, actress, and former radio host. She is a member of the group... more »

Takashi Nikaido

Takashi Nikaido is a Japanese actor, idol and talent. more »

Takatoshi Kaneko

Takatoshi Kaneko is a Japanese actor. He made his debut in the popular 2001 film Waterboys. more »

Takeshi Tsuruno

Takeshi Tsuruno is a Japanese actor, tarento, and musician, originally from Moji-ku, Kitakyūshū,... more »

Tatsuo Umemiya

Tatsuo Umemiya is an actor. more »

Tatsuya Ueda

Tatsuya Ueda, is a Japanese idol, singer, and actor from the Japanese idol group KAT-TUN. Born... more »

Terry Ito

Terry Ito is a Television Producer and Tarento. more »

Thane Camus

Thane Camus is an American-born TV personality and actor in Japan. more »

Toma Ikuta

Toma Ikuta is a Japanese tarento, who is part of Johnny's Jr. under the supervision of Johnny &... more »

Tomohisa Yamashita

Tomohisa Yamashita, also widely known as Yamapi, is a Japanese idol, actor, singer, and TV... more »

Tomomi Nishimura

Tomomi Nishimura, surnommée Tororin, est une actrice et ex-chanteuse qui débute en 1986,... more »

Tomoya Ishii

Tomoya Ishii is an actor. more »

Tôru Watanabe

Tôru Watanabe is an actor and the husband of Ikue Sakakibara. more »

Toshiki Kashû

Toshiki Kashû is an actor. more »

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