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Aleksandr Loran

Aleksandr Grigoryevich Loran, sometimes called Alexander Laurant or Aleksandr Lovan or Aleksandr... more »

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn was a Russian novelist, historian, and critic of Soviet... more »

Aleksandr Tatarskiy

Aleksander Mihailovich Tatarskiy was a Soviet/Russian animation film director, script writer and... more »

Aleksandr Veprik

Alexander Moiseyevich Veprik, also Weprik, was a Russian composer and music educator. Veprik is... more »

Aleksandr Zubov

Aleksandr Zubov was a teacher. more »

Aleksandra Popovska

Aleksandra Popovska is a vocalist, multimedia artis, educator, and composer currently resident... more »

Alessandro Cicognini

Alessandro Cicognini was an Italian film music composer. Born January 25, 1906 in Pescara,... more »

Alessandro Cutolo

Alessandro Cutolo is an actor. more »

Alex Acuña

Alejandro Neciosup Acuña aka Alex Acuña is a Peruvian drummer and percussionist, in the... more »

Alex Codling

Alex Codling born 25 September 1973 in Lewisham is a former Rugby Union lock forward. He is the... more »

Alex Mackenzie

Alex MacKenzie was a Scottish character actor who was born and died in Glasgow. He was a... more »

Alexander "Sasha" Ivanir

Alexander Ivanir is a teacher and the father of Mark Ivanir. more »

Alexander Andreev

Alexander Andreev was a teacher and translator. more »

Alexander Armstrong

Alexander Armstrong is a teacher and the father of Bess Armstrong. more »

Alexander Baldwin

Alexander Baldwin was a teacher, a football coach and the father of actor Alec Baldwin. more »

Alexander Bell

Alexander Bell was the father of Alexander Melville Bell. more »

Alexander Braginsky

Alexander Iosifovich Braginsky is a Russian-born pianist, living in America. more »

Alexander Dukhnovich

Alexander Vasilyevich Dukhnovich was a priest, poet, writer, pedagogue, and social activist of... more »

Alexander Gill the Elder

Alexander Gill the Elder, also spelled Gil, was an English scholar, spelling reformer, and... more »

Alexander Harcourt

Alexander Harcourt is the husband of Kelly Stewart-Harcourt. more »

Alexander Laszlo

Alexander Laszlo was a Hungarian-American pianist, musical composer, arranger and inventor. He... more »

Alexander Mackendrick

Alexander Mackendrick was a film director and screenwriter more »

Alexander McCall Smith

R. Alexander "Sandy" McCall Smith, CBE, FRSE, is a Rhodesian-born British writer and Emeritus... more »

Alexander Melville Bell

Alexander Melville Bell was a teacher and researcher of physiological phonetics and was the... more »

Alexander Pierce

Alexandra Pierce is a co-creator of Galactic Suburbia Podcast. more »