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Aliaksandr Kikiniou

Aliaksandr Fiodaravich Kikiniou is an amateur Belarusian Greco-Roman wrestler, who competes in... more »

Alice Caroline Groman

Alice Caroline Groman was the mother of Virginia Admiral. more »

Alice Chetwynd Ley

Alice Chetwynd Ley, née Humphrey was a British writer of romance novels from 1959 to 1989. She... more »

Alice Deakins

Alice Deakins is a professor and the mother of actress Lucy Deakins. more »

Alice Elliott

Alice Elliott is an director, a writer, producer, college level teacher, advocate for the... more »

Alice Harden

Alice Varnado Harden was a Democratic member of the Mississippi Senate, representing the 28th... more »

Alice Hausman

Alice Hausman is a Minnesota politician and member of the Minnesota House of Representatives. A... more »

Alice Lee

Dr Alice Lee was a British mathematician, one of the first women to graduate from London... more »

Alice Marie Crowe

Alice Marie Crowe is an actress, activist and a teacher. more »

Alice Mary

Alice Mary Horovitch was the mother of David Horovitch. more »

Alice Mary Robertson

Alice Mary Robertson was an American educator, social worker, government official, and... more »

Alice Nedopak

Alice Nedopak is a teacher and the mother of actress Kristen Nedopak. more »

Alice Nellis

Alice Nellis is a Czech filmmaker. Nellis first worked as a flautist before studying English... more »

Alice Randall

Alice Randall is an American author and songwriter. more »

Alice Tan Ridley

Alice Tan Ridley is a gospel and R&B singer and the mother of actress Gabourey Sidibe. She... more »

Alim Selimau

Alim Selimau is a male Greco-Roman wrestler from Belarus. He competes in the men's -84kg... more »

Alison Balsom

Alison Louise Balsom is an English trumpet soloist. more »

Alison Hawthorne Deming

Alison Hawthorne Deming is an American poet, and essayist. more »

Alison Thompson

Alison Thompson is a film director and producer. more »

Alistair MacLean

Alastair MacNeill is an author. more »

Allan Kardec

Allan Kardec is the pen name of the French teacher and educator Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail... more »

Allan L. Rellon

Allan Lopez Rellon in Samal, Davao del Norte, Philippines, is a Filipino politician and a member... more »

Allan Lysell

Allan Lysell is an actor. more »

Allan Rich

Allan Rich is a film and television actor. more »

Allan Schulenburg

Allan Schulenburg is a music teacher. more »