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Allard H. Gasque

Allard Henry Gasque was a U.S. Representative from South Carolina, husband of Elizabeth Hawley... more »

Allen Downs

Allen Downs was a teacher and cinematographer. more »

Allen Falkner

Allen Falkner is founder of TSD, the first suspension group. He is often referred to as the... more »

Allen Frame

Allen Frame is a theater director, actor, photographer and teacher. more »

Allen Rucker

Allen Rucker is an American writer and author. Born in Wichita Falls, Texas, and raised in... more »

Allen Shawn

Allen Shawn is an American composer, pianist, educator, and author who lives in Vermont. more »

Allison Keith

Allison Keith-Shipp is an American voice actress who is best known for her English-dubbing work... more »

Alma Amaker

Alma Amaker is a high school teacher. more »

Alma Corbin

Alma Corbin was a teacher and the wife of Kilmer B. Corbin Sr. more »

Alma Fern Johnson

Alma Fern McMurray was a teacher and the mother of Tom Waits. more »

Alma S. Adams

Alma Shealey Adams is a Democratic member of the North Carolina General Assembly representing... more »

Alma Sisneros

Alma Sisneros is an actress. more »

Alois Jirásek

Alois Jirásek was a Czech writer, author of historical novels and plays. Jirásek was a... more »

Alrick Brown

Alrick Brown is a film director, film producer, actor, film editor, teacher and screenwriter. more »

Alta Charo

Alta Charo is the Warren P. Knowles Professor of Law and Bioethics at the University of... more »

Alton Ochsner

Alton Ochsner, Sr., was a surgeon and medical researcher who worked at Tulane University and... more »

Alva Cavett

Alva Cavett was an educator. more »

Alvin Duke Chandler

Alvin Duke Chandler was the twenty-first president of the College of William & Mary, serving... more »

Alvin P. Shapiro

Alvin P. Shapiro was an American physician and professor primarily at the University of... more »

Amanda Hancox

Amanda Hancox is an actress. more »

Amanda Randall

Amanda Randall is an actress and a teacher. more »

Amanda Redman

Amanda Jacqueline Redman, MBE is an English actress, perhaps best known for her role as Sandra... more »

Amanda Swanson

Amanda Swanson is a teacher and chorographer. She is the daughter of casting director Kim Marie... more »

Amãndio Coroado

Amândio Coroado is a film producer, teacher and screenwriter. more »

Amélie Cazé

Amélie Cazé is a French modern pentathlete. She won the Gold medal of the individual event at... more »