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Bettina Bohler

Bettina Böhler is a film and television editor and a teacher. more »

Betty Ann Jones

Betty Ann Jones is the former wife of Nelson Algren. more »

Betty Bartha

Betty Bartha is a school teacher. more »

Betty Bobbitt

Betty Bobbitt, born 7 February 1939, in Manhattan, New York City, is an American actress based... more »

Betty Castor

Betty Castor is an American educator and former politician and elected officeholder. Castor was... more »

Betty Cowan

Betty Cowan is the mother of Rich Cowan. more »

Betty Fussell

Betty Harper Fussell is an award-winning American writer and is the author of eleven books,... more »

Betty Ireland

Betty Ireland was the 28th Secretary of State of West Virginia from 2005-2009, serving as the... more »

Betty Jane Gorin-Smith

Betty Jane Mitchell Gorin-Smith, known as Betty Jane Gorin-Smith, is an independent historian... more »

Betty Kay Overman

Betty Kay Overman is a teacher and the mother of Will Ferrell. more »

Betty Komp

Betty E. Komp is a Democratic member of the Oregon House of Representatives, representing... more »

Betty Newbern

Betty Newbern is a teacher. more »

Betty Schepman

Betty Schepman is a teacher and the wife of Baron Hill. more »

Betty Shabazz

Betty Shabazz, born Betty Dean Sanders and also known as Betty X, was an American educator and... more »

Betty Sue Flowers

Betty Sue Flowers is the former director of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum and an... more »

Betty Weinberg

Betty Weinberg was a teacher and the mother of American actor James Lipton. more »

Bettye Cheadle

Bettye Cheadle is a teacher and the mother of Don Cheadle. more »

Beulah Burke

Beulah Elizabeth Burke, She and her sister Lillie were two of the nine original founders of... more »

Beulah Quo

Beulah Quo was an actress. more »

Bev Harrison

Beverly John "Bev" Harrison is a former teacher and New Brunswick politician. more »

Beverley Hughes

Beverley June Hughes, Baroness Hughes of Stretford PC is a British Labour Party politician who... more »

Beverley Jackson

Beverley Jackson is an American writer on Chinese culture and fashion. Her published works cover... more »

Beverley Johnston

Beverley Johnston is a 1987 Juno Award nominated percussionist. more »

Beverly Jones

Beverly Jones is a former teacher. more »

Beverly M. Barber Martin

Beverly M. Barber Martin is the mother of Debra Martin Chase. more »

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