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Claudius Crozet

Benoît "Claudius" Crozet was an educator and civil engineer. Crozet was born in France. After... more »

Claus Adam

Claus Adam was an influential American cellist and cello teacher as well as a composer. His... more »

Clay Shirky

Clay Shirky is an American writer, consultant and teacher on the social and economic effects of... more »

Clayton Landey

Clayton Landey is an American actor who has appeared in films and television shows. He is... more »

Clemens Sommer

Clemens Sommer was a teacher. more »

Clement Clarke Moore

Clement Clarke Moore was an American Professor of Oriental and Greek Literature, as well as... more »

Cleo King

Cleo King is an American actress probably best known for her roles as Aunt Lou in the HBO drama... more »

Cleota Henry Davis

Cleota Henry Davis is the mother of Miles Davis. more »

Cletus Anderson

Cletus Anderson is a production designer. more »

Cline Paden

Cline Rex Paden was a prominent Churches of Christ evangelist and missionary who, in 1962,... more »

Clint Vaught

Clint Vaught was a coordinator/theater and speech teacher and an actor. more »

Clinton D. Powell

Reportedly born in Reidsville, Georgia, Clinton D. Powell grew up in Savannah, where he... more »

Clinton Jencks

Clinton Jencks was a lifelong activist in labor and social justice causes, most famous for union... more »

Clio Barnard

Clio Barnard is a British director of documentary and feature films. She won widespread critical... more »

Clive Bradley

Clive Bradley was a known arranger of steelpan music. more »

Clyde A. Hutchison, Jr.

Dr. Clyde Allen Hutchison, Jr. was an American chemist notable for his research in magnetic... more »

Clyde Jackman

Clyde Jackman MHA, is a Canadian politician in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. He is... more »

Clyde Kersey

Clyde R. Kersey is a Democratic member of the Indiana House of Representatives, representing the... more »

Clyde Ventura

Clyde Ventura was a stage director and acting teacher and an actor. more »

Cole McNary

Cole McNary is an American high school teacher and a Republican member of the Missouri House of... more »

Colgate Darden

Colgate Whitehead Darden, Jr. was a Democratic U.S. Representative from Virginia, the 54th... more »

Colin Frank Cave

Colin Frank Cave was a teacher. more »

Colin MacCabe

Colin MacCabe is a British writer and film producer. He is distinguished professor of English... more »

Colin Tilney

Colin Tilney is a harpsichordist, fortepianist and teacher. more »

Colleen Neal

Colleen Neal is a teacher. more »

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