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Carl Wilhelm von Sydow

Carl Wilhelm von Sydow was an ethnologist and a teacher. more »

Carla Blank

Carla Blank is a writer, editor, dramaturge and choreographer. more »

Carla Cremonini

Carla Cremonini is a teacher. more »

Carleen Mandolfo

Carleen Mandolfo is an author and a teacher more »

Carlinhos de Jesus

Carlinhos de Jesus is an actor. more »

Carlo Alianello

Carlo Alianello was a teacher, writer and screenwriter. more »

Carlo Arienti

Carlo Arienti was an Italian painter. He was born in Arcore, Brianza, and trained in the Brera... more »

Carlo Cattarello

Carlo Cattarello Sr., CM was a corporal in the Canadian armed forces who served combat duty in... more »

Carlo Lodoli

Carlo Lodoli was an Italian architectural theorist, Franciscan priest, mathematician and... more »

Carlo Mazzantini

Carlo Mazzantini was a writer, poet, historian and a teacher. more »

Carlos Eire

Carlos M. N. Eire is the T. Lawrason Riggs Professor of History and Religious Studies at Yale... more »

Carlos Eugenio Restrepo

Carlos Eugenio Restrepo Restrepo was a Colombian lawyer, writer, and statesman, who was elected... more »

Carlos José Iturgaiz Angulo

Carlos José Iturgaiz Angulo is a Spanish politician, a member of the People's Party. He has been... more »

Carlos Lauchu

Carlos Lauchu is a teacher, an actor, and a former ballet dancer. more »

Carlos P. Garcia

Carlos Polístico García, commonly known as Carlos P. García, was a Filipino teacher, poet,... more »

Carlos Reichenbach

Carlos Oscar Reichenbach Son was a Brazilian filmmaker. more »

Carlton E. Brown

Carlton E. Brown is president of Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia, a position he... more »

Carly Evans

Carly Evans is an actress and a teacher. more »

Carmen Goic

Carmen Goic is a teacher. more »

Carmen Rubio

Carmen Rubio is a teacher. more »

Carmen Zapata

Carmen Margarita Zapata was an American actress. Zapata was born in New York City to a Mexican... more »

Carmencita Reyes

Carmencita Ongsiako Reyes is a Filipino politician and jurist. She served as an Assemblywoman... more »

Carol Aichele

Carol Aichele is an American politician and teacher. She currently serves as Secretary of the... more »

Carol Chomsky

Carol Chomsky is a professor. more »

Carol Diane McGregor

Carol Diane McGregor is a teacher, actress and film producer. more »

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