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Chao-Li Chi

Chao-Li Chi was a Shanxi-born actor and dancer, who worked extensively in American television,... more »

Charleen Swansea

Charleen Swansea is a teacher. more »

Charlene Daugherty

Charlene Daugherty was a noted educator and teacher. more »

Charlene Drew Jarvis

Charlene Drew Jarvis is an American educator and former scientific researcher and politician who... more »

Charlene Pesquiera

Charlene Pesquiera is a Democratic politician from the US state of Arizona. She served as... more »

Charles Busath

Charles Busath is an elementary school teacher. more »

Charles C. Moore

Charles Calvin Moore was the 13th Governor of Idaho, serving from 1923 until 1927. more »

Charles Clark

Charles Clark was Governor of Mississippi from November 16, 1863 until May 22, 1865. more »

Charles D. Ellis

Charles “Charley” D. Ellis is a leading American investment consultant. In 1972, Ellis founded... more »

Charles Dumas

Charles Dumas is an actor, playwright, theatre director and professor. more »

Charles Durning

Charles Edward Durning was an American actor, with appearances in over 200 movies, television... more »

Charles Edward Eaton

Charles Edward Eaton, was an American poet and professor. more »

Charles Eshleman

Charles Leverich Eshleman, M.D., was an American physician and college football coach. He served... more »

Charles Favreau

Charles Favreau is a special education teacher and the father of actor Jon Favreau. more »

Charles Fleming

Charles Fleming is an American author. He is editor of the Los Angeles Times' Hollywood business... more »

Charles Frederick Partington

Charles Frederick Partington was a British science lecturer and writer. more »

Charles H. Russell

Charles Hinton Russell was an American politician. He was the 20th Governor of Nevada. He was a... more »

Charles Krohn

Charles Krohn is an actor and an university professor. more »

Charles Laughton

Charles Laughton was an English stage and film actor and director. Laughton was trained in... more »

Charles Lenox Remond

Charles Lenox Remond was an American orator, activist and abolitionist based in Massachusetts... more »

Charles Masters

Charles Masters was the husband of Australian writer Olga Masters. more »

Charles McBurney

Charles Brian Montagu McBurney was an American archaeologist who spent most of his working life... more »

Charles Milligan

Charles Milligan is a teacher and the father of actor Stuart Milligan. more »

Charles N. Haskell

Charles Nathaniel Haskell was an American lawyer, oilman and the first governor of Oklahoma. As... more »

Charles Nelson Reilly

Charles Nelson Reilly was an American actor, comedian, director, and drama teacher known for his... more »

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