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Edgar J. Malepeai

Edgar J. Malepeai is a Democratic politician from Pocatello, Idaho. He served as an Idaho State... more »

Edgar Ortenberg

Edgar Ortenberg was a violinist in the Budapest String Quartet and taught violin at the... more »

Edgar Reitz

Edgar Reitz is a German filmmaker and Professor of Film at the Staatliche Hochschule für... more »

Edite Estrela

Edite de Fátima Santos Marreiros Estrela, GCIH is a Portuguese politician and Member of the... more »


Edith Durbin is the sister of Deanna Durbin. more »

Edith D. Warren

Edith D. Warren is a former Democratic member of the North Carolina General Assembly,... more »

Edith Hopkins O'Hara

Edith Hopkins O'Hara was a journalist, a businessperson and drama teacher and the mother of... more »

Edith Killgore Kirkpatrick

Edith Aurelia Killgore Kirkpatrick is a retired music educator from Baton Rouge who served on... more »

Edith Ruth Weisz

Edith Ruth Weisz is a psychotherapist and the mother of Rachel Weisz. more »

Edith Searle Grossmann

Edith Searle Grossmann was a New Zealand teacher, novelist, journalist and feminist. She was... more »

Edith Weingarten

Edith Weingarten was a teacher. more »

Editha Mueller-Stahl

Editha Mueller-Stahl was a university professor. more »

Edmon Ryan

Edmon Ryan was an actor. more »

Edmund Nick

Edmund Nick was a German composer, conductor, and music writer. more »

Edmund Wallace Hildick

Edmund Wallace Hildick was a prolific children's book author, who wrote under the name E. W... more »

Edna Bernanke

Edna Bernanke is a teacher and the mother of Ben Bernanke. more »

Edna Parker

Edna Ruth Parker was an American supercentenarian and, until her death, was recognized as the... more »

Edo de Waart

Edo de Waart is a Dutch conductor, and the Music Director of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra... more »

Edoardo Albinati

Edoardo Albinati is a writer, translator and teacher. more »

Edouard Gregory Hesselberg

Edouard Gregory Hesselberg was a pianist and composer. more »

Eduard Butenko

Eduard Butenko - Russian actor, theatre director, teacher, theatre theoretic more »

Eduard David

Eduard Heinrich Rudolph David was a German politician. He was an important figure in the history... more »

Eduard van Beinum

Eduard van Beinum was a Dutch conductor. more »

Eduardo de Gregorio

Eduardo de Gregorio was a screenwriter, film director and a teacher. more »

Eduardo Escorel

Eduardo Escorel is a film director, editor, producer and screenwriter. more »

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