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Eleonora Kruger

Eleonora Albertova Krüger was a Bulgarian woman who lived in the village of Gabarevo, Bulgaria... more »

Eleonore Schoenfeld

Eleonore Schoenfeld is considered one of the most influential cellists of the 20th century. more »

Eli Clare

Eli Clare is a writer, speaker, activist, and teacher in Vermont who addresses disability,... more »

Eli Whitney

Eli Whitney was an American inventor best known for inventing the cotton gin. This was one of... more »

Eliane Cavalleiro

Eliane Cavalleiro is the wife of Danny Glover. more »

Eliott Keener

Eliott Keener was an actor. more »

Elisa Lucinda

Elisa Lucinda is an actress, poetess, writer, teacher, journalist and singer. more »

Elisabeth Svantesson

Karin Elisabeth Svantesson is a Swedish politician who has been Minister for Employment since 17... more »

Elisabeth Waldo

Elisabeth Waldo is a film score composer and violinist. more »

Eliza Emily Chappell Porter

Eliza Emily Chappell Porter was the first public school teacher in Chicago, at Fort Dearborn... more »

Elizabeth Alexander

Elizabeth Alexander is an Australian actress with a number of high-profile credits in film,... more »

Elizabeth Ann Blair

Elizabeth Ann Blair is a teacher and the mother of Blair Brown more »

Elizabeth Bacon Custer

Elizabeth Bacon Custer was the wife of General George Armstrong Custer. She spent most of their... more »

Elizabeth Bernstein

Elizabeth Bernstein is a political science teacher and the mother of Julie Taymor. more »

Elizabeth Blanchard

Elizabeth D. Blanchard was a Democratic member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives,... more »

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Elizabeth Clare Prophet was an American New Age minister and religious figure, self-proclaimed... more »

Elizabeth D'Onofrio

Elizabeth D'Onofrio is a film producer, actress, and acting coach who is of Italian descent. She... more »

Elizabeth DelPadre

Elizabeth DelPadre is a teacher and lawyer. more »

Elizabeth Dwyer

Elizabeth Dwyer is the mother of actress Karyn Dwyer. more »

Elizabeth Engstrom

Elizabeth Engstrom is best known as a speculative fiction writer. She was born Bette Lynn... more »

Elizabeth Enright

Elizabeth Enright, was an American writer of children's books, an illustrator, writer of short... more »

Elizabeth Evelyn Wright

Elizabeth Evelyn Wright founded Denmark Industrial Institute in Denmark, South Carolina, as a... more »

Elizabeth Ewen

Elizabeth Ewen was the spouse of Stuart Ewen. more »

Elizabeth Filer

Elizabeth Filer was the wife of Chris Cagle. more »

Elizabeth Gilels

Elizabeth Gilels was a Soviet violinist from a musical family. more »

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