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Gustavo Moncayo

Gustavo Guillermo Moncayo Rincón, popularly known as "'El caminante por la paz", is a Colombian... more »

Gustavo Vasquez

Gustavo Vasquez is a film director, producer and teacher. more »

Guto Puw

Guto Pryderi Puw is a Welsh composer, university lecturer and conductor. He is considered to be... more »

Guy Bavli

Guy Bavli is a worldwide established mentalist, illusionist, and lecturer. He served in the... more »

Guy Camilleri

Guy Camilleri is an actor. more »

Guy Davidi

Guy Davidi is an Israeli Academy Award nominee documentary filmmaker. His movie 5 Broken Cameras... more »

Guy J. Swope

Guy Jacob Swope was an American teacher, accountant, and Democratic politician. His career... more »

Guy Séligmann

Guy Séligmann is a film and television director, film and television producer, an actor and a... more »

Guy Stockwell

Guy Harry Stockwell was an American actor who appeared in nearly 30 movies and 250 television... more »

Guðbergur Bergsson

Guðbergur Bergsson is an Icelandic writer born in Grindavík on 16 October 1932. He went to the... more »

Gwen Rampal

Gwen Rampal is a teacher and the mother of Arjun Rampal. more »

Gwen Yao

Gwen Yao is an actress. more »

Gwyn Thomas

Gwyn Thomas was a Welsh writer who has been called 'the true voice of the English-speaking valleys'. more »

Gyorche Petrov

Gyorche Petrov Nikolov, born Georgi Petrov Nikolov, was Bulgarian revolutionary, one of the... more »

György Pauk

György Pauk is a Hungarian violinist. more »

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