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Gerry McCarthy

Gerald Francis "Gerry" McCarthy is an Australian politician. He is a Labor member of the... more »

Gerry Reid

Gerry Reid was the Leader of the Liberal Party of Newfoundland and Labrador. He served as... more »

Gerthina Keyes

Gerthina Keyes is the mother of politician and writer Alan Lee Keyes. more »

Gertrude Willner

Gertrude Willner was a lawyer and teacher. more »

Gesine Schwan

Gesine Schwan is a German political science professor and member of the Social Democratic Party... more »

Ghafar Baba

Tun Abdul Ghafar bin Baba was a Malaysian politician from Melaka and a former Deputy Prime... more »

Ghassan Kanafani

Ghassan Kanafani was a Palestinian writer and a leading member of the Popular Front for the... more »

Ghazaros (Lazar) Saryan

Ghazaros (Lazar) Saryan was an Armenian composer and educator. more »

Gia Barretto

Gia Barretto is a teacher. more »

Gideon Simon

Gideon Simon appeared in the 2006 documentary film Ever Again as High School Teacher in Holland. more »

Gil Goldstein

Gil Goldstein is American jazz pianist and synthesizer player who started on the accordion. more »

Gil Pearson

Gil Pearson is an actor. more »

Gilbert Baker

Gilbert R. Baker is a Republican former member of the Arkansas State Senate from District 30. In... more »

Gilbert Durand

Gilbert Durand was a French academic known for his work on the imaginary, symbolic anthropology... more »

Giles Marking

Giles Marking is a designer and architecture professor. more »

Gillian Gruffudd

Gillian Gruffudd was a teacher. more »

Gillian Mayall

Gillian Mayall is a drama teacher and the mother of actor Rik Mayall. more »

Gina Cirone

Gina Cirone is the wife of William Petersen. more »

Gina Crews

Gina Crews is a former contestant on the reality television show Survivor: Marquesas. more »

Gina Ochsner

Gina Ochsner is an American author best known for her story collection, The Necessary Grace to... more »

Ginean Rapp

Ginean Rapp is the mother of Emelia Monahan. more »

Ginger Stemnock

Ginger Stemnock appeared in the 2009 documentary film Let's Talk About Sex. more »

Ginny Heidrich

Ginny Heidrich is the mother of Mark Boone Junior. more »

Giorgia Trasselli

Giorgia Trasselli is an actor. more »

Giovanni Battista Guadagnini

Giovanni Battista Guadagnini; was an Italian luthier, regarded as one of the finest craftsmen of... more »

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