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Hieromonk Roman

Hieromonk Roman is a Russian poet, singer-songwriter and hieromonk of the Russian Orthodox... more »

Hilary Kay

Hilary Marion Kay is a British antiques expert, author and lecturer, probably best known for her... more »

Hilda Sosa

Hilda Sosa is the mother of Andreina Sosa-Keifer. more »

Hildegardt Mirabal

Hildegardt Mirabal is a school teacher and the mother of Fred Armisen. more »

Hillary Meyers

Hillary Meyers is a teacher and the mother of Seth Meyers. more »

Hilo Hattie

Hilo Hattie was born Clarissa "Clara" Haili in Honolulu, Hawaii. She was a Hawaiian singer, hula... more »

Himangshu Kumar Ghose

Himangshu Kumar Ghose is the father of Gautam Ghose. more »

Hipólito Yrigoyen

Juan Hipólito del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Irigoyen Alem was twice President of Argentina. His... more »

Hiroshi Ishiguro

Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro is director of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory, part of the... more »

Hiroshi Wakasugi

Hiroshi Wakasugi was a Japanese orchestra conductor. He premiered many of the major Western... more »

Hirotada Ototake

Hirotada Ototake is a Japanese sports writer from Tokyo, Japan. Born without arms and legs due... more »

Hito Steyerl

Hito Steyerl has produced a variety of work as a filmmaker and author in the field of essayist... more »

Hitoshi Motoshima

Hitoshi Motoshima is a retired Japanese politician. He served four terms as mayor of Nagasaki... more »

Hồ Đắc Lộc

Ho Dac Loc is a teacher and a rector of the HoChiMinh City University of Technology. more »

Hobart Cowles

Hobart Cowles was a professor. more »

Holden Thorp

Herbert Holden Thorp is a chemist, inventor, musician, professor, and entrepreneur. He served as... more »

Holly Near

Holly Near is an American singer-songwriter, actor, teacher, and activist. more »

Holly Prado Northup

Holly Prado Northup is a writer and teacher. more »

Holly Raser

Holly Raser is a Democratic Party member of the Montana House of Representatives, representing... more »

Horace Mann Bond

Horace Mann Bond was an American historian, college administrator, social science researcher,... more »

Horace Panter

Horace Panter also known as Sir Horace Gentleman, is the bassist for the British 2 Tone, ska... more »

Horace Waring

Horace Waring was an English/Australian zoologist, winner of the Clarke Medal of the Royal... more »

Horatio Seymour

Horatio Seymour was a United States Senator from Vermont. He was the uncle of Origen S. Seymour... more »

Hortance Diedhiou

Hortance Diedhiou is an athlete. more »

Hotz Rudolf

Swiss geographer and teacher. more »

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