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Irma P. Hall

Irma P. Hall is an African-American actress who has appeared in numerous films and television... more »

Irmgard Roemheld

Irmgard was a music teacher and a radio broadcaster. more »

Irvin Mayfield

Irvin Mayfield, Jr. is an American jazz trumpeter and bandleader. He has been serving as... more »

Irving Romaine

Irving Howard Romaine, previously incorrectly known as Irvine Romaine, is a Bermudian cricketer,... more »

Irving Thalberg Jr.

Irving Thalberg Jr. was the son of 1930s Hollywood producer Irving Thalberg and Academy... more »

Irwin Gopnik

Irwin Gopnik is a teacher and the father of Adam Gopnik. more »

Isa Kaita

Isa Kaita C.O.N., C.B.E., LL.D, LL.D, DPA a Nigerian Politician was born on January 1912 at... more »

Isaac Julien

Isaac Julien is an installation artist and filmmaker. more »

Isaac Mathes

Isaac Mathes is a cinematographer. more »

Isaac P. Christiancy

Isaac Peckham Christiancy was Chief Justice of the Michigan State Supreme Court and U.S. Senator... more »

Isabel Macías

Isabel Macías Chow is a Spanish runner who specializes in the middle distance events. more »

Isabell O'Connor

Isabell O'Connor is an actress, teacher, author and writer. more »

Isabelle Kratz Driscoll

Isabelle Kratz Driscoll was the mother of Bobby Driscoll. more »

Ishmael Reed

Ishmael Scott Reed is an American poet, essayist, songwriter, playwright, and novelist, as well... more »

Ishtiaq Ahmed

Ishtiaq Ahmed is a Swedish political scientist and author of Pakistani descent. He is Visiting... more »

Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar

Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar CIE, born Ishwar Chandra Bandopadhyay, was an Indian Bengali polymath... more »

Ismail Ali Shabana

Ismail Ali Shabana is a singer, teacher and the brother of Abdel Halim Hafez. more »

Israel Rodríguez

Israel Rodríguez Sánchez, born in Puerto Rico on August 29, 1974, and a B.A. and M.A. graduate... more »

Issa Gilani

Issa Gilani is the son of Abdul-Qadir Gilani. more »

Issie Barratt

Issie Barratt is a British composer, known for her work in Big Band jazz and jazz education. more »

İstemihan Taviloğlu

İstemihan Taviloğlu was a Turkish composer and a music educator. He's most known piece is the... more »

Itzhak Perlman

Itzhak Perlman is an Israeli-American violinist, conductor, and pedagogue. more »

Iustin Frăţiman

Iustin Ştefan Frăţiman was a historian and activist from Bessarabia. He was a corresponding... more »

Ivadine Long

Ivadine Long is the mother of Shelley Long. more »

Ivan Berend

Iván Tibor Berend is a Hungarian historian and teacher who served as President of the Hungarian... more »

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