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Lora Lee Ecobelli

Lora Lee Ecobelli is an actress, writer, teacher, acting coach, and playwright. more »

Lora Morgan

Lora Morgan, mother of the actress Debbi Morgan, is a teacher and secretary. more »

Loraine Despres

Loraine Despres is a best-selling novelist and screenwriter. Her novels The Scandalous Summer of... more »

Lorcan O'Herlihy

Lorcan O'Herlihy is an architect in Los Angeles and founding principal of Lorcan O'Herlihy... more »

Lord David Cecil

Lord Edward Christian David Gascoyne-Cecil, CH, was a British biographer, historian and... more »

Lord Woodbine

Harold Adolphus Philips, known as Lord Woodbine, was a Trinidadian calypsonian and music... more »

Lore Segal

Lore Segal, née Lore Groszmann, is an American novelist, translator, teacher, and author of... more »

Loren Solberg

Loren A. Solberg is a Minnesota politician and a former member of the Minnesota House of... more »

Loretta B. Fox

Loretta B. Fox is a teacher and property caretaker. more »

Loretta Clemens Tupper

Loretta Clemens Tupper was born 6 May 1906, in Marblehead, Ohio and died 17 September 1990, in... more »

Lorette Wood

Lorette M. Wood was an American politician. Wood was the first woman to be elected to the city... more »

Lori Forte

Lori Forte is a film producer. more »

Lori Watson

Lori Watson is a fiddle player and folk singer who performs traditional and contemporary folk music. more »

Lorne Lofsky

Lorne Lofsky is a jazz guitarist in Toronto, Canada. He teaches at York University. Lofsky... more »

Lorraine García

Lorraine García is a homemaker and a former teacher, and the mother of actress Joanna Garcia. more »

Lou Correa

Jose Luis Correa was a California Democratic Party state legislator. He served as a member of... more »

Lou Michaels

Lou Michaels is an actress and teacher. more »

LouAnne Johnson

LouAnne Johnson is an American writer, teacher and former United States Marine. She is best... more »

Louis Bernstein

Louis Bernstein is the father of Walter Bernstein. more »

Louis Da Pron

Louis Da Pron was an actor. more »

Louis Di Bianco

Louis Di Bianco is an actor. more »

Louis Ginsberg

Louis Ginsberg was a poet and a high school teacher. more »

Louis Iribarne

Louis Iribarne is a translator, into English, of works by Witold Gombrowicz, Stanisław Lem,... more »

Louis Jouvet

Louis Jouvet was a renowned French actor, director, and theatre director. more »

Louis Kissinger

Hans Kohnstam' first teacher in Fuerth was Louis Kissinger, who was also a personal friend of... more »

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