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Lucie Höflich

Lucie Höflich was a German actor, teacher and head of the Staatliche Schauspielschule in Berlin... more »

Lucie Romano

Lucie Romano is the mother of Ray Romano and a piano teacher. more »

Lucien Capet

Lucien Louis Capet was a French violinist, pedagogue and composer. more »

Lucien Durand

Lucien Durand is the father of journalist Guillaume Durand. more »

Lucienne Dionne

Lucienne Dionne was a librarian and a teacher. more »

Lucille Carville

Lucille Carville was a teacher and the mother of James Carville. more »

Lucille Marie Jones

Lucille Marie Jones was the mother of Tommy Lee Jones, police officer, school teacher, and... more »

Lucille Riegert

Lucille Riegert is a piano teacher. more »

Lucy Burns

Lucy Burns was an American suffragist and women's rights advocate. She was a passionate activist... more »

Lucy Decoutere

Lucy Decoutere is a Canadian actress known for her role as the character Lucy in the hit... more »

Lucy Diggs Slowe

Lucy Diggs Slowe was one of the original sixteen founders of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority,... more »

Lucy Godiva Woodcock

Lucy Godiva Woodcock was an Australian pacifist, schoolteacher, trade union official and women's... more »

Lucy-Jane Busath

Lucy-Jane Busath is a music teacher. more »

Ludmila Zeman

Ludmila Zeman is a Czech-Canadian artist, animator, and children's book author/illustrator. She... more »

Ludmilla Chiriaeff

Ludmilla Chiriaeff, CC GOQ was a Canadian ballet dancer, choreographer, teacher, and company... more »

Ľudovít Štúr

Ľudovít Velislav Štúr, known in his era as Ludevít Štúr, was the leader of the Slovak national... more »

Ludwig Lauerhass Jr.

Ludwig Lauerhass Jr. was a lecturer. more »

Ludwig Purtscheller

Ludwig Purtscheller was an Austrian mountaineer and teacher. Purtscheller pioneered climbing... more »

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein was an Austrian-British philosopher who worked primarily in... more »

Luigi Ballerini

Luigi Ballerini, born in Milan in 1940, currently living in New York and Los Angeles, is an... more »

Luigi Bellardi

Luigi Bellardi was an Italian malacologist and entomologist who specialised in Diptera. Bellardi... more »

Luigi Biagetti

Luigi Biagetti is the father of Paolo Biagetti. more »

Luís de Freitas Branco

Luís Maria da Costa de Freitas Branco was a Portuguese composer, musicologist, and professor of... more »

Luis Felipe Noé

Luis Felipe Noé is an Argentine artist, writer, intellectual and teacher. He is known in is home... more »

Luis Felipe Ramón y Rivera

Luis Felipe Ramón y Rivera was a Venezuelan musician, composer and writer. Director of several... more »

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