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Luis Felipe Tovar

Luis Felipe Tovar is a Mexican performance teacher and actor. He studied in the Theatre Fine... more »

Luis Lastra Cid

Geek, big fan of Anime, Comics, Sci-fi, Programming, Teaching, Innovating, and a big lover of... more »

Luis Torres Nadal

Luis Torres Nadal was a Puerto Rican playwright, poet, educator, actor, choreographer, and... more »

Luis Valdez

Luis Valdez is an American playwright, actor, writer and film director. Regarded as the father... more »

Luisa Crokaert

Luisa Crokaert is the mother of Lara Fabian. more »

Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza

Luiz Alfredo Garcia Roza is a retired Brazilian professor and current novelist. As an academic... more »

Luke Ford

Luke Ford is a Canadian-born Australian actor. more »

Luke P. Poland

Luke Potter Poland was a United States Senator and Representative from Vermont. more »

Lukia Isanga Nakadama

Lukia Isanga Nakadama, sometimes written Rukia Isanga Nakadama, is a Ugandan businesswoman,... more »

Luo Yanlin

Luo Yanlin was a Chinese school teacher who was executed for sexually assaulting and raping 39... more »

Luther Adler

Luther Adler was an American actor best known for his work in theatre, but who also worked in... more »

Lydia Lawrence

Lydia Lawrence is the mother of D. H. Lawrence. more »

Lydia Robinson Norton

Lydia Robinson Norton was a teacher. more »

Lyle Campbell

Lyle Richard Campbell is a linguist and leading expert on indigenous American... more »

Lyle Hanson

Lyle L. Hanson is a North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party member of the North Dakota House of... more »

Lylie Serkis

Lylie Serkis is a teacher and the mother of Andy Serkis. more »

Lynda Goodfriend

Lynda Goodfriend is an American actress who is best remembered as Lori Beth Cunningham, Richie's... more »

Lyndon B. Johnson

Lyndon Baines Johnson, often referred to as LBJ, was the 36th President of the United States, a... more »

Lyndon Carlson

Lyndon R. Carlson, Sr. is a Minnesota politician and a member of the Minnesota House of... more »

Lynette Bruno

Lynette Bruno is Frank Bruno's mother. more »

Lynn A Freedman

Lynn A Freedman is an actress and dancer. more »

Lynn Cameron

Lynn Cameron is a Scottish curler, and member of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland team... more »

Lynn Garfield

Lynn Garfield is a teacher, businessperson and the mother of Andrew Garfield. more »

Lynn Philip Seibel

Lynn Philip Seibel is an actress. more »

Lynn Sorbo

Lynn Sorbo is a teacher and the father of Kevin Sorbo. more »

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