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Linda Bilmes

Linda J. Bilmes is the Daniel Patrick Moynihan Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at Harvard... more »

Linda Bloodworth-Thomason

Linda Joyce Bloodworth-Thomason is an American writer and television producer. Bloodworth-Thomaso... more »

Linda Christian

Linda Christian is a nutritionist. more »

Linda Daugaard

Linda Daugaard is the wife of Dennis Daugaard. more »

Linda Gregg

Linda Alouise Gregg is an American poet. more »

Linda Lavin

Linda Lavin is an American singer and actress. She is known for playing the title character in... more »

Linda Lee Cadwell

Linda Lee Cadwell is an American teacher and the widow of martial arts master and actor Bruce Lee. more »

Linda Lowy

Linda Lowy is a casting director. more »

Linda Menasco

Linda Menasco is the mother of Brian Bell. more »

Linda O'Connell

Linda O'Connell is a teacher and the mother of Jerry O'Connell. more »

Linda O. Johnston

Linda O. Johnston is an American author of mystery and romance novels. Johnston’s first... more »

Linda Peeno

Linda Peeno is an American physician, ethicist, and lecturer known for being a whistleblower for... more »

Linda Pence

Linda Pence is an elementary school teacher and mother of Josh Pence. more »

Linda Scheid

Linda J. Scheid was a Minnesota politician and a member of the Minnesota Senate who represented... more »

Linda Slocum

Linda J. Slocum is a Minnesota politician and member of the Minnesota House of Representatives... more »

Lindsay Frame

Lindsay Frame is an actress and teacher. more »

Lindsay Kemp

Lindsay Kemp is a British dancer, actor, teacher, mime artist and choreographer. more »

Lindsay Leese

Lindsay Leese is an actress, film producer and teacher. more »

Lindsay Neill

Lindsay Neill is a teacher. more »

Lindsay Sudeikis

Lindsay Sudeikis is a teacher. more »

Lindy Groban

Lindy Groban is a teacher and the mother of Josh Gorban. more »

Lindy Hough

Lindy Hough is the mother of American performance artist, writer, actress and film director... more »

Lino Guzzella

Lino Guzzella, born in 1957, is a binational professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of... more »

Linus A. Sims

Linus Arthur Sims was an educator and administrator who was the driving force behind the... more »

Lionel Fanthorpe

The Reverend Robert Lionel Fanthorpe BA, FCollP, FRSA, FCMI, Cert.Ed, is a British priest and... more »

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