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Matthew Causey

Matthew Causey is an American actor best known for his role as Pondo Sinatra in the movie The... more »

Matthew Hotsinpiller

Matthew Hotsinpiller is a film actor. more »

Matthew J. Sullivan

Matthew J. Sullivan is a teacher and an award winning author. more »

Matthew Quick

Matthew Quick is a writer and a teacher. more »

Matthew Sprouse

Matthew Sprouse is a TV producer and the father of The Sprouse Twins. more »

Matthew T. Gitkin

Matthew T. Gitkin is a teacher and an actor. more »

Maud Russell England

Maud Russell England was a New Zealand teacher, feminist, educationalist and art dealer. She was... more »

Maude Buss

Maude Buss is the mother of David Garrison. more »

Maude Micheaux Pritchette

Maude Micheaux Pritchette was a school teacher and the sister of Oscar Micheaux. more »

Maude Schricker

Maude Schricker was the spouse of Henry F. Schricker. more »

Maura Gouck

Maura Gouck is the wife of Ozzie Alfonso. more »

Maureen Behrs

Maureen Behrs is the mother of Beth Behrs. more »

Maureen Brennan

Dame Maureen Brennan is currently the Executive Headteacher at Etone College in Nuneaton. She... more »

Maureen Howard

Maureen Howard is an American writer, editor, and lecturer known for her award-winning... more »

Maureen Kelly

Maureen Kelly is a teacher. more »

Maureen O'Driscoll

Maureen O'Driscoll was a teacher and the mother of Dervla Kirwan. more »

Maurice Edu Sr.

Maurice Edu Sr. is the father of Maurice Edu. more »

Maurice Rapf

Maurice Rapf was a Jewish American screenwriter and professor of film studies. His work includes... more »

Maurice Samuel

Maurice Samuel was a Romanian-born British and American novelist, translator and lecturer. A... more »

Maurice Xiberras

Maurice Xiberras GMH is a retired Gibraltarian teacher, trade unionist and politician. He is... more »

Mauro Maur

Mauro Maur is an Italian trumpeter and composer. more »

Max Benedict

Max Benedict was an Austrian born, British film editor. He was born in Vienna, Austria and began... more »

Max Berghaus

Max Berghaus is a composer. more »

Max Rafferty

Maxwell Lewis Rafferty, Jr., known as Max Rafferty, was a writer, educator, and politician. The... more »

Max Stibbe

Max Leon Stibbe was a Dutch anthroposophist and educationist. Stibbe was born in Padang, Dutch... more »

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