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Margaret Skinnider

Margaret Skinnider was a revolutionary and feminist born in Coatbridge, Scotland. She fought... more »

Margaret Virginia Martin

Margaret Virginia Martin was a teacher and the mother of John Forbes Nash, Jr. more »

Margaret Way

Margaret Way is an Australian writer of romance novels and women's fiction. A prolific author,... more »

Margareta Pålsson

Margareta Pålsson is the current Governor of Skåne, incumbent since 2012. A politician of the... more »

Margareta Seger

Margareta Seger is the mother of Helena Seger. more »

Margarete Schell Noé

Margarete Schell Noé was an actress. more »

Margaretta Faugères

Margaretta Bleecker Faugères was the daughter of Ann Eliza Bleecker. She was an American... more »

Margarita Zavala

Margarita Zavala is the wife of the former Mexican President Felipe Calderón. She was a PAN... more »

Marge Roukema

Margaret Scafati "Marge" Roukema represented New Jersey in the U.S. House of Representatives for... more »

Margie Kenny

Margie Kenny is the wife of Jon Kenny. more »

Margie Stewart

Margie Stewart is a teacher. more »

Margot Leitman

Margot Leitman is an American comedic storyteller, humor writer, and teacher. Leitman is... more »

Marguerite Porter

Marguerite Porter is an English former principal ballet dancer, turned actress and... more »

Mari Sandoz

Mari Susette Sandoz was a novelist, biographer, lecturer, and teacher. She was one of Nebraska's... more »

Maria Aitken

Maria Penelope Katharine Aitken is an English theatre director, teacher, actress and writer. more »

Maria Alexandrovna Ulyanova

Maria Alexandrovna Ulyanova was the mother of Vladimir Lenin, the Bolshevik revolutionary leader... more »

Maria Andronico

Maria Andronico was a teacher. She was also the wife of Leonardo Sciascia. more »

María Angélica Romero

María Angélica Romero is the mother of Robert Lindl. more »

Maria Borisovna Savickaya

Maria Borisovna Savickaya was a music teacher. more »

Maria Chekhova

Maria Pavlovna Chekhova was the sister of playwright Anton Chekhov, a teacher, artist, founder... more »

María Cuyas Ponsa

María Cuyas Ponsa is a teacher. more »

Maria das Dores

Maria das Dores was an elementary school teacher and mother of José Afonso. more »

María del Luján Telpuk

Lorena Telpuk, formerly María del Luján Telpuk, or the Suitcase Girl is a former airport police... more »

María Elena Cairo

María Elena Cairo is the mother of Laura Harring. more »

Maria Espinosa

Maria Espinosa is a Latina novelist, poet, and translator. more »

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