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Marian Leibowitz

Marian Leibowitz is the mother of Jon Stewart. more »

Mariana Chilton

Mariana Chilton is a professor and a nationally recognized leader addressing child hunger in... more »

Mariana Cordero

Mariana Cordero is a Spanish actress. She appeared in more than thirty films since 1999, as well... more »

Marianne J Legato

Marianne J. Legato, MD, FACP, is an internationally known academic physician, author, and... more »

Marianne Tromholt

Marianne Tromholt is a teacher and the wife of Nils Malmros. more »

Mariano Álvarez

Mariano Álvarez was a Filipino revolutionary and statesman. more »

Mariano Ospina Rodríguez

Mariano Ospina Rodríguez was a Colombian politician, journalist and lawyer, founder of the... more »

Mariano Villaronga-Toro

Mariano Villaronga Toro was a Puerto Rican educator and Commissioner of Public Instruction in... more »

Marica Trbojevich

Marica Trbojevich was a teacher. more »

Marie Diamond

Marie Diamond appeared in the The Search For The Balanced Life documentary film. more »

Marie Gabriel Augustin Savard

Marie Gabriel Augustin Savard was a French composer and teacher. Savard was a teacher at the... more »

Marie Hrunek

Marie Hrunek is the mother of Betsy Palmer. more »

Marie Kachel Bucher

Marie Elizabeth Kachel Bucher was an American schoolteacher and the last surviving resident... more »

Marie Lindberg

Marie Lindberg is a Swedish teacher, singer/songwriter and guitarist. She competed in the... more »

Marie Ponsot

Marie Ponsot, née Birmingham is an American poet, literary critic, essayist, teacher, and... more »

Marie Robinson

Marie Robinson was the mother of actor Matt Robinson. more »

Marie Simmons

Marie Simmons is a 2001 JBF Awards nominee for the Single Subject award and a 2005 JBF Awards... more »

Marie Tartakovsky

Marie Tartakovsky was the mother of Dimitri Tiomkin. more »

Marie-Albertine Jürgens

Marie-Albertine Jürgens was a teacher. more »

Marie-Claire Beauvais

Marie-Claire Beauvais is the mother of Garcelle Beauvais. more »

Marie-Josephe Yoyotte

Marie-Josèphe Yoyotte is a French film and television editor and actress. Her extensive editing... more »

Marie-Louise Sjöholm

Marie-Louise Sjöholm is the mother of Helen Sjöholm. more »

Marie-Pierre Pruvot

Marie-Pierre Pruvot is a teacher, an author and an entertainer. more »

Marietta Sorvino

Marietta Sorvino is the mother of Paul Sorvino. more »

Marifran O'Neil

Marifran O'Neil is the wife of Dennis O'Neil. more »

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