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Sándor Imre

Sándor Imre was a Hungarian educator, who served as Minister of Religion and Education in 1919... more »


Sandra Beattie is the mother of Stuart Beattie. more »

Sandra Dorsey

Sandra Dorsey is an American film and television actress, she is also a theatre actress,... more »

Sandra Gossling

Sandra Gossling is a retired teacher and the mother of Eddie Gossling. more »

Sandra Haggerty

Sandra Haggerty is the mother of an American actress and singer Eddie Daniels. more »

Sandra Jean Jarvis

Sandra Jean Jarvis is the mother of Brad Paisley. more »

Sandra LaVorgna

Sandra LaVorgna is a teacher. more »

Sandra Peterson

Sandra E. Peterson is a Minnesota politician and a member of the Minnesota House of... more »

Sandro Kopp

Sandro Kopp is an actor, painter and teacher. more »

Sandy Durdin

Sandy Durdin is a teacher and a fashion designer. more »

Sandy Griffiths

Benjamin Mervyn Griffiths was a Welsh football referee from Abertillery, Monmouthshire. In his... more »

Sanford Meisner

Sanford Meisner, also known as Sandy, was an American actor and acting teacher who developed an... more »

Sanja Stijačić

Sanja Stijačić is a Serbian flutist and Associate Professor of Flute at the University of... more »

Sanjay Gupta

Sanjay Gupta is an American neurosurgeon and an assistant professor of neurosurgery at Emory... more »

Santiago Pérez de Manosalbas

Santiago Pérez de Manosalbas was a Colombian educator, lawyer, diplomat, writer, journalist and... more »

Sanyukta Paul

Sanyukta Paul is the wife of actor Manish Paul. more »

Sapardi Djoko Damono

Sapardi Djoko Damono is an Indonesian poet known for lyrical poems, and who is widely regarded... more »

Sara Davis Buechner

Sara Davis Buechner is an American concert pianist and educator. more »

Sara García

Sara García was a Mexican actress who made her biggest mark during the "Golden Age of Mexican... more »

Sara Kapfer

Sara Kapfer is the wife of actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. more »

Sara Lampe

Sara N. Lampe is a Democratic Party member of the Missouri House of Representatives,... more »

Sarah Beard

Sarah Beard is the wife of Burn Gorman. more »

Sarah Dench

Sarah Dench is the daughter of Jeffery Dench and Betty Martin. more »

Sarah Emerson

Sarah Emerson is an artist based in Atlanta, Georgia who is best known for her landscape... more »

Sarah Grey

Sarah Grey is the wife of Matthew Kelly. more »

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