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William Raymond Thornton

William Raymond Thornton was a high school history teacher and basketball coach more »

William S. Taylor

William Sylvester Taylor was the 33rd Governor of Kentucky. He was initially declared the winner... more »

William Sewell

William Sewell was the second principal of the London Veterinary College, succeeding William... more »

William Swan

William Swan was a Scottish physicist best known for his 1856 discovery of the Swan band. In... more »

William Terry

William Terry was a nineteenth-century politician, lawyer, teacher, and soldier from Virginia... more »

William Tiu

William Tiu is a teacher. more »

William Traylor

William "Bill" Traylor was an American television, theater, and motion picture actor. He was... more »

William Troy

William Troy was a writer and teacher. He was married to poet and teacher Léonie Adams. He won... more »

William Washington Larsen

William Washington Larsen was a United States Representative from Georgia. more »

William Weaver

William Fense Weaver was an English language translator of modern Italian literature. more »

William Wirt Hastings

William Wirt Hastings was an American politician and a U.S. Representative from Oklahoma. more »

Willie Collum

William "Willie" Collum is a Scottish football referee. more »

Willie Maxine Perry

Willie Maxine Perry was the mother of Tyler Perry. more »

Willis Thomas Goodwin Airey

Willis Thomas Goodwin Airey was a New Zealand university professor, historian and peace... more »

Willoughby Sharp

Willoughby Sharp was an internationally known artist, independent curator, independent... more »

Wilma Artie

Wilma Artie was a teacher and the mother of Meat Loaf. more »

Wilson Schmidt

Wilson Schmidt is the father of Eric Schmidt. more »

Wim Verhoeven

Wim Verhoeven is the father of Paul Verhoeven. more »

Windsor Davies

Windsor Davies is a British actor, best known for playing the part of Battery Sergeant Major... more »

Winfried Kretschmann

Winfried Kretschmann is a German politician of the Green Party of Germany. He has been... more »

Winona Cargile Alexander

Winona Cargile Alexander was a founder of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated at Howard... more »

Witia Rosenthal

Witia Rosenthal was a teacher. more »

Witold Sobociński

Witold Sobocinski is a Polish cinematographer, academic teacher as well as former jazz musician... more »

Wladimir Matuchin

Wladimir Matuchin is an actor. more »

Wojciech Bierut

Wojciech Bierut was a teacher and the father of Bolesław Bierut. more »

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