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Jenö Törzs

Jenö Törzs was a Hungarian film actor. more »

Jens Bolling

Jens Bolling was a Norwegian actor and theatre director. He was among the founders of... more »

Jeremy Dobrish

Jeremy Dobrish is a theater director, playwright and a teacher. more »

Jeremy Herrin

Jeremy Herrin is an English theatre director. He trained at both the Royal Court Theatre and the... more »

Jeremy Lelliott

Jeremy Lelliott is an actor and Theatre Director. more »

Jeremy Sams

Jeremy Sams is a British theatre director, writer, translator, orchestrator, musical director,... more »

Jerker Fahlström

Jerker Fahlström is an actor and theatre director. more »

Jerome Eskow

Jerome Eskow was the husband of Libi Staiger. more »

Jerome Robbins

Jerome Robbins, was an American theater producer, director, and dance choreographer known... more »

Jerry Adler

Jerry Adler is an American theatre director, production supervisor and a television and film actor. more »

Jerry Ciccoritti

Jerry Ciccoritti is a Canadian film, television and theatre director. His ability to work in a... more »

Jerry Dixon

Jerry Dixon is a theatre director and the spouse of Mario Cantone. more »

Jerry L. Wallace

Jerry L. Wallace is an actor and theatre director. more »

Jerry Levine

Jerry Levine is an American actor and director of television and theatre. As an actor, he is... more »

Jerry Mitchell

Jerry Mitchell is an American theatre director and choreographer. more »

Jerry Mofokeng

Jerry Mofokeng is an actor and theatre director. more »

Jerry Pilato

Jerry Pilato Has directed plays such as The Foreigner, Four Dogs and a Bone, The Reindeer... more »

Jerry Zaks

Jerry Zaks is a German-born American stage and television director, and actor. He won the Tony... more »

Jerzy Domaradzki

Jerzy Domaradzki is a Polish born film director, resident in Australia. He is most closely... more »

Jerzy Golinski

Jerzy Golinski was an actor. more »

Jerzy Grotowski

Jerzy Grotowski was a Polish theatre director and innovator of experimental theatre, the... more »

Jerzy Stuhr

Jerzy Oskar Stuhr is one of the most popular, influential and versatile Polish film and theatre... more »

Jess Chayes

Jess Chayes is a theater director and producer. more »

Jessica Stone

Jessica Stone is an actress. more »

Jesusa Rodríguez

Jesusa Rodríguez is a Mexican director, actress, playwright, performance artist, and social... more »