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Falaba Issa Traoré

Falaba Issa Traoré was a Malian writer, comedian, playwright, and theatre and film... more »

Fanny Fitzwilliam

Frances "Fanny" Elizabeth Fitzwilliam was the actress daughter of Robert Copeland, manager of... more »

Fanny Sidney

Fanny Sidney, whose real name is Fanny Mauferon, is a French actress and theater director. more »

Faynia Williams

Faynia Williams is a theatre director. more »

Federico García Lorca

Federico del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús García Lorca was a Spanish poet, dramatist and theatre... more »

Feisal Alkazi

Feisal Alkazi is a theatre director. more »

Feliks Falk

Feliks Falk is a Polish film and theater director as well as writer of film scripts, stage... more »

Felipe Fernández del Paso

Felipe Fernández del Paso is a production designer, a set designer, a film art director, a... more »

Felix Barrett

Felix Barrett is a theater director. more »

Fernando Fernan Gomez

Fernando Fernán-Gómez was a Spanish actor, screenwriter, film director, theater director and... more »

Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres was a Brazilian actor and voice-over artist, as well as a television, film and... more »

Feroz Abbas Khan

Feroz Abbas Khan is an Indian theatre and film director, playwright and screenwriter, who is... more »

Fiach Mac Conghail

Fiach Mac Conghail is the Director of the Abbey Theatre. In May 2011, he was appointed as a... more »

Fides Cuyugan-Asensio

Fides Cuyugan-Asensio is an actress, librettist, lyricist, singer, professor emeritus, theatre... more »

Filip Bajon

Filip Bajon is a writer, screenwriter and film, television and theatre director. more »

Filippo Acciaiuoli

Filippo Acciaiuoli was an Italian composer, librettist, theater manager, machine designer, and... more »

Filippo Timi

Filippo Timi is an Italian actor and writer. He dubbed Tom Hardy's voice in the Italian release... more »

Fiona Hogan

Fiona Hogan is an American actress. She was born and raised in New York City. She grew up... more »

Fiona Shaw

Fiona Mary Shaw, CBE is an Irish actress and theatre and opera director. Although to... more »

Florian Pittiș

Florian Pittiş was a Romanian stage and television actor, theatre director, folk music singer,... more »

Fran Soeder

Fran Soeder is a theater director. more »

Frances Foster

Frances Foster was an American film, television and stage actress. She was also an award-winning... more »

Francesca Zambello

Francesca Zambello is a leading American opera and theatre director. She currently serves as... more »

Francesco Giuffrè

Francesco Giuffrè is the son of Italian actor Carlo Giuffrè. He is a composer, film dubber,... more »

Francis Ebejer

Francis Ebejer was a Maltese dramatist and novelist. Ebejer studied medicine at the University... more »

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