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Habib Azar

Habib Azar is an American film, theater and television director. more »

Habib Tanvir

Habib Tanvir was one of the most popular Indian Urdu, Hindi playwrights, a theatre director,... more »

Hagen Mueller-Stahl

Hagen Mueller-Stahl is an actor, television director and theatre director. more »

Hajime Kamegaki

Hajime Kamegaki is a film director. more »

Hakan Gerçek

Hakan Gerçek is an actor and theater director. more »

Hal Brooks

Hal Brooks is a theatre director. more »

Halfdan Christensen

Halfdan Christensen was a Norwegian stage actor and theatre director. He was married twice,... more »

Hallie Flanagan

Hallie Flanagan was an American theatrical producer and director, playwright, and author, best... more »

Hamdi Ghayth

Hamdi Ghayth was an actor and theatre director. more »

Hamid Samandarian

Hamid Samandarian was an Iranian film and theater director and translator. He staged numerous... more »

Hamilton Deane

Hamilton Deane was an Irish actor, playwright and director. He played a key role in popularising... more »

Hamilton Vaz Pereira

Hamilton Vaz Pereira is a screenwriter, actor ans theatre director. more »

Hamish Glen

Hamish Glen is a theatre director. more »

Hanan Qassab Hassan

Hanan Qassab Hassan is a prominent Syrian writer and academic. more »

Hannelore Hoger

Hannelore Hoger is a German actress and director. more »

Hanon Reznikov

Hanon Reznikov was an American anarchist, theater and film actor, writer, and co-director of The... more »

Hans Hardt-Hardtloff

Hans Hardt-Hardtloff was an actor. more »

Hans Heiberg

Hans Heiberg was a Norwegian journalist, literary critic, theatre critic, essayist, novelist,... more »

Hans Mosesson

Hans Kristoffer Mosesson, is a Swedish actor and musician. Hans Mosesson was born in the Enskede... more »

Hans Neuenfels

Hans Neuenfels is a German writer, poet, film producer, librettist, theatre director and opera... more »

Hans Twardowski

Hans Heinrich von Twardowski was a German film actor. more »

Hans-Peter Litscher

Hans-Peter Litscher is a theatre director. more »

Harlan Thompson

Harlan Thompson was a film producer, television producer, and a screenwriter. more »

Harley Granville-Barker

Harley Granville-Barker was an English actor-manager, director, producer, critic and... more »

Harold Clurman

Harold Edgar Clurman was an American theatre director and drama critic, "one of the most... more »

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