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Wakefield Poole

Wakefield Poole, is an American dancer, choreographer, theatrical director, and pioneering film... more »

Walmor Chagas

Walmor Chagas was a Brazilian actor. He appeared in over 50 films and television shows since... more »

Walter Bobbie

Walter Bobbie is an American theatre director, choreographer, and occasional actor and dancer... more »

Walter Felsenstein

Walter Felsenstein was an Austrian theater and opera director. He was one of the most important... more »

Walter Hampden

Walter Hampden is the artist name of Walter Hampden Dougherty was a U.S. actor and theatre... more »

Walter Hudd

Walter Hudd was a British actor. According to the Filmgoer's Companion by Leslie Halliwell, in... more »

Walter Kerr

Walter Francis Kerr was an American writer and Broadway theater critic. He also was the writer,... more »

Walter Learning

Walter John Learning is a Canadian theatre director, actor, and founder of Theatre New Brunswick. more »

Walter Vidarte

Walter Vidarte was a Uruguayan actor. more »

Walton Jones

Walton Jones is a theater director and playwright. more »

Warren Carlyle

Warren Carlyle is a director and choreographer who was born in Norwich, Norfolk, England. He... more »

Wayne Harrison

Wayne David Harrison AM is an Australian director, writer, producer and performer. Harrison was... more »

Wendy Girard

Wendy Girard is an actor, clown, theatrical producer, theatre director, voice actor,... more »

Wendy Worthington

Wendy Worthington is an American television and film actress. She has had recurring roles in... more »

Wensley Pithey

Wensley Pithey was a South African character actor who had a long stage career. Pithey was born... more »

Werner Düggelin

Werner Düggelin is a film director and screenwriter. more »

Wieland Wagner

Wieland Wagner was a German opera director. more »

Wilford Leach

Carson Wilford Leach was an American theatre director, set designer, film director,... more »

Will Frears

Will Frears is a film director, writer, actor and film producer. more »

Will Pomerantz

Will Pomerantz is a theater director and a writer. more »

William Anthony McGuire

William Anthony McGuire was a playwright, theatre director, and producer and screenwriter,... more »

William Ball

William Gormaly Ball was an American stage director and founder of the American Conservatory... more »

William Berlind

William Berlind is a theatrical producer. more »

William Dieterle

William Dieterle was a German actor and film director, who worked in Hollywood for much of his... more »

William Gaskill

William 'Bill' Gaskill is a British theatre director. He worked alongside Laurence Olivier as a... more »

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