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Yasmeen Ismail

Yasmeen Ismail was a noted television actress and theatre director from Pakistan. more »

Yasuichiro Yamamoto

Yasuichiro Yamamoto is a Japanese anime director, and storyboard artist. He is best known for... more »

Yasuomi Umetsu

Yasuomi Umetsu is known for creating few of the half-action, half-adult anime and for his works... more »

Yevgeni Lazarev

Yevgeni Lazarev is an actor and teacher. more »

Yevgeniy Kryzhanovsky

Yevgeniy Kryzhanovsky is an actor and theatre director. more »

Yevgeny Aryeh

Yevgeny Arye is an Israeli theater director, playwright, scriptwriter, and set designer. more »

Yorgos Lanthimos

Yorgos Lanthimos is a Greek filmmaker and theatre director. Yorgos Lanthimos was born in Athens... more »

Yosef Carmon

Yosef Carmon is an Israeli actor and theater director. Born in Poland in 1933, he arrived in... more »

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Yoshiyuki Tomino is a Japanese mecha anime creator, animator, director, screenwriter and... more »

Young Jean Lee

Young Jean Lee is a Brooklyn-based playwright and director working in experimental theater. She... more »

Yukio Fukamachi

Yukio Fukamachi is a television, theatre and film director. more »

Yukio Ninagawa

Yukio Ninagawa is a Japanese theatre director, particularly known for his Japanese language... more »

Yukio Tomino

Yukio Tomino is a dancer, choreographer, and theatre director. more »

Yuri Ardashev

Yuri Ardashev is a Russian theatre director, actor, and professional drummer. Opera La voix... more »

Yuri Lyubimov

Yuri Petrovich Lyubimov is a Soviet and Russian stage actor and director associated with the... more »

Yuri Mamin

Yuri Mamin is a celebrated Soviet and Russian film director, stage director, screenwriter,... more »

Yuri Stytskovsky

Yuri Stytskovsky is an actor, film director, screenwriter, film producer, tv anchor, and theater... more »

Yuri Zavadsky

Yuri Alexandrovich Zavadsky was a Russian actor and director. Zavadsky studied under Yevgeny... more »

Yury Solomin

Yury Mefodievich Solomin is a Soviet/Russian actor and director who has been art director of the... more »

Yves Pignot

Yves Pignot is an actor. more »

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