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Vahe Godel

Vahé Godel is a French-Swiss writer, translator and scholar of Armenian literature. He is the... more »

Vardan Areveltsi

Vardan Areveltsi was a thirteenth-century Armenian historian, geographer, philosopher and... more »

Vasiliy Mikhailovich Zhigalov

Vasiliy Mikhailovich Zhigalov is the son of Mikhail Zhigalov. more »

Vasily Botkin

Vasily Petrovich Botkin was a Russian essayist, literary, art and music critic, translator and... more »

Vasyl Stus

Vasyl Semenovych Stus was a Ukrainian poet and publicist, one of the most active members of... more »

Vera Muromtseva

Vera Muromtseva was the second wife of Russian writer Ivan Bunin. more »

Vera Nabokov

Véra Nabokov was the wife, editor, and translator of Vladimir Nabokov, and a source of... more »

Vernon Watkins

Vernon Phillips Watkins was a British poet, translator and painter. He was a close friend of... more »

Veronica Schildt Bendjelloul

Veronica Schildt Bendjelloul is a translator and painter. more »

Vibhuti Narain Rai

Vibhuti Narain Rai did M.A. in English Literature from Allahabad University in the year 1971. He... more »

Victor Terras

Victor Terras was as scientist, book author and translator. more »

Vimala Devi

Vimala Devi is the pseudonym of Teresa da Piedade de Baptista Almeida, a Goan writer, poet and... more »

Violeta Palcinskaite

Violeta Palcinskaite is a Lithuanian poet, playwright and translator. more »

Viviane Vives

Viviane Vives is an actor, writer, translator and photographer. more »

Vizma Belševica

Vizma Belševica was a Latvian poet, writer and translator. She was nominated for the Nobel Prize... more »

Vladimír Godár

Vladimír Godár is a Slovak composer who is active in the fields of contemporary classical music... more »

Vladimir Sergeyevich Muravyov

Vladimir Sergeyevich Muravyov was a Russian translator and literary critic. He was awarded the... more »

Vsevolod E. Shprink

Vsevolod E. Shprink was the father of Ariadna Shengelaya. more »

Vyvyan Holland

Vyvyan Holland, OBE, born Vyvyan Oscar Beresford Wilde in London, was a British author and... more »

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