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Ed Wynn

Ed Wynn was a popular American comedian and actor noted for his Perfect Fool comedy character,... more »

Eddie Foy, Jr.

Eddie Foy Jr. was an American character actor. Born Edwin Fitzgerald Jr. in New Rochelle, New... more »

Eddie Foy, Sr.

Eddie Foy, Sr. was an American actor, comedian, dancer and vaudevillian. more »

Eddie Garr

Eddie Garr was an actor, vaudeville performer, radio personality and comedian. more »

Edgar Kennedy

Edgar Livingston Kennedy was an American comedic film actor, known as "Slow Burn". A slow burn... more »

Edouard Garassu

Edouard Garassu was a vaudeville performer. more »

Effie Conley-Warren

Effie Conley-Warren was a vaudeville performer. more »

Effie Irene

Effie Irene is a vaudeville performer and the mother of Donald O'Connor. more »

El Brendel

El Brendel was a vaudeville comedian turned movie star, best remembered for his dialect routine... more »

Eleanor May Fitzsimmons

Eleanor May Fitzsimmons was a spouse of film actor Hal Price. more »

Elizabeth Hay

Elizabeth Hay is the mother of Doreen Tracy. more »

Elizabeth Houston

Elizabeth Houston was a vaudeville performer. more »

Elizabeth Maria Lay

Elizabeth Maria Lay was a vaudeville performer. more »

Emory Parnell

Emory Parnell was an American vaudevillian and actor who appeared in over 250 films in his 36... more »

Estelle Collette

Estelle Collette was the spouse of William Demarest. more »

Ethel Marion Milne

Ethel Marion Milne was a vaudeville performer. more »

Evelyn Dockson

Evelyn Dockson was an actress and Vaudeville performer. more »

Evelyn Preer

Evelyn Preer, born Evelyn Jarvis, was a pioneering African-American stage and screen actress and... more »