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Mabel Haney

Mabel Haney was the wife of Larry Fine. more »

Mabel Hite

Mabel Hite was a vaudeville and Broadway actress. more »

Mack Swain

Mack Swain was an American actor and vaudevillian, prolific throughout the 1910s, 1920s and 1930s. more »

Madeline Foy

Madeline Foy was an actress and vaudeville performer. more »

Mantan Moreland

Mantan Moreland was an American actor and comedian most popular in the 1930s and 1940s. more »

Marjorie Moss

Marjorie Moss was the wife of Edmund Goulding. more »

Mary Ryan

Mary Ryan was the wife of Dick Ryan. more »

Maryann Madeline Cusik

Maryann Madeline Cusik was an actress and vaudeville performer. more »

Maurice Costello

Maurice George Costello was an American prominent vaudeville actor of the late 1890s and early... more »

Maurie Fields

Maurie Fields was an Australian actor, vaudeville performer and stand-up comedian. He became a... more »

May Wirth

May Wirth was an Australian circus and vaudeville performer famous for her ability to do... more »

Milt G. Barlow

Milt G. Barlow was an American blackface comedian and actor popular in minstrel and vaudeville... more »

Murray Katzelnick

Murray Katzelnick is the father of Doreen Tracey. more »

Myra Keaton

Myra Keaton was an American vaudeville performer and film actress. She was the mother of actor... more »

Myrtle Glass

Myrtle Glass was an actress, vaudeville performer, and the former wife of Jimmy Conlin. more »