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Pasquale DiMucci

Pasquale DiMucci is the father of Dion DiMucci. more »

Pat Walshe

Pat Walshe was an actor, vaudaville performer and animal impersonator. more »

Paul Frees

Paul Frees was an American actor known for his work on MGM, Walter Lantz and Walt Disney... more »

Pauline Curley

Pauline Curley was a vaudeville and silent film actress from Holyoke, Massachusetts. Her film... more »

Pauline Saxon

Pauline Saxon was the wife of Carlton Griffin. more »

Pert Kelton

Pert Kelton was an American vaudeville, movie, radio and television actress. She was the first... more »

Peter Lind Hayes

Peter Lind Hayes was an American vaudeville entertainer, songwriter, and film and television... more »

Phil Roy

Phil Roy is the father of Rodney Dangerfield. more »