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Sabina Rakcheyeva

Sabina Rakcheyeva is an Azerbaijani violinist, soloist, concertmaster and a member of the... more »

Salomone Rossi

Salamone Rossi or Salomone Rossi was an Italian Jewish violinist and composer. He was a... more »

Salvatore Accardo

Salvatore Accardo is an Italian violinist and conductor. Accardo studied violin in the southern... more »

Sam Franko

Sam Franko was an American violinist and conductor. He was the brother of violinist, conductor... more »

Samuel Igudesman

Samuel Igudesman is a violinist and opera concertmaster. more »

Samuel Rosa

Samuel Rosa de Alvarenga is lead singer and guitarist of Brazilian rock band Skank. He has a... more »

Samuel Sherman

Samuel Sherman was the father of songwriter and composer Al Sherman. more »

Samvel Yervinyan

Samvel Yervinyan is an Armenian violinist and composer. Yervinyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia... more »

Sanford Allen

Sanford Allen is a violinist. more »

Sarah Chang

Sarah Chang is an American classical violinist. Her debut came in 1989 with the New York... more »

Sarah Martin

Sarah Martin is the violin player and one of the primary vocalists in the Scottish indie pop... more »

Sarah Neufeld

Sarah Neufeld is a Canadian violinist and current touring member of the indie rock band Arcade... more »

Sarana VerLin

Sarana VerLin is a violinist, a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She was the... more »

Saul Davies

Saul Davies is a British musician best known as a member of the rock band James. more »

Sayaka Shoji

Sayaka Shoji is a Japanese classical violinist. She is the first Japanese and youngest winner at... more »

Scarlet Rivera

Scarlet Rivera, born Donna Shea, is an American violinist. She is best known for her work with... more »

Scott Tixier

Scott Tixier is an award-winning French jazz violinist and a recording artist. He was born in... more »

Sean Mackin

Sean Mackin is an American rock musician. He is best known as the violinist and backing vocalist... more »

Selim Giray

Selim Giray, Turkish born American Violinist, Researcher, Clinician and Conductor. more »

Serge Tannenbaum

Serge Tannenbaum was a violinist. more »

Sergey Khachatryan

Sergey Khachatryan is an Armenian violinist. He was born in Yerevan in 5 April 1985. He lives in... more »

Sergey Ryabtsev

Sergey Ryabtsev plays violin and provides backing vocals for the Gypsy punk band Gogol... more »

Sergio Renán

Sergio Renán is an Argentine actor, film director and screenwriter. more »

Setsu Gotō

Setsu Gotō is the mother of Midori Goto and Ryu Goto. She is an entrepreneur and former violinist. more »

Shannon Johnson

Shannon Johnson is a Juno Award nominated artist. more »

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