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A. A. Raiba

A. A. Raiba is a contemporary Indian artist. Educated at the Sir J. J. School of Art in Bombay,... more »

A. E. Backus

Albert Ernest "Bean" Backus was an American artist famous for his vivid Florida landscapes. more »

A. E. London

Anne E. London is an American artist and conservationist. Her art was greatly affected by a trip... more »

A. R. Quinton

Alfred Robert Quinton was an English watercolour artist, known for his paintings of British... more »

A. Ramachandran

Achutan Ramchandran Nair, popularly known as A. Ramachandran, is a renowned Indian painter, born... more »

A. S. Baylinson

Abraham Solomon Baylinson was a Russian-American painter who was active in the early modernist... more »

A. T. Mann

Alden Taylor Mann, is an American astrologer, author, designer and artist who has written 18... more »

A. V. Ilango

A. V. Ilango is an Indian painter. He was born in Gobichettipalayam, a town in Tamil Nadu. more »

A.M. Parkin

Anthony Montague Parkin 15 August 1943 - 11 June 2012 was an English artist known for his... more »

Aaron Berkman

Aaron Berkman was an American Social Realist and Modern painter who was involved in the Federal... more »

Aaron Draper Shattuck

Aaron Draper Shattuck was an American painter of the White Mountain School. He was born in... more »

Aaron Gelman

Aaron Gelman was an American artist. Gelman was born November 24, 1899 to Jewish immigrant... more »

Aaron Kraten

Aaron Kraten is a mixed media artist situated in Cookeville, Tennessee. more »

Aaron Nagel

Aaron Nagel is an American painter and the original trumpet player for punk rock/ska core act... more »

Aarón Piña Mora

Aarón Piña Mora was a Mexican painter and muralist. He was born in Metztitlan in the state of... more »

Aaron Richmond

Aaron Richmond was an American performing arts manager, pianist, impresario, and educator, based... more »

Aaron Wexler

Aaron Wexler is an artist based in New York. Wexler was born in Philadelphia. He makes layered... more »

Aaron Young

Aaron Young is an American artist based in New York City. Young's work became known when MoMA... more »

Aart van den IJssel

Aart van den IJssel was a Dutch sculptor, painter and draftsman. Van den IJssel is known for his... more »

Aba Bayefsky

Aba Bayefsky, CM was a Canadian artist and teacher. He was born in Toronto, the second son of a... more »

Abastenia St. Leger Eberle

Abastenia St. Leger Eberle was an American sculptor. Her most famous piece The White Slave... more »

Abdelaziz Gorgi

Abdelaziz Gorgi was a Tunisian artist. He was one of the founders of the Tunis School of... more »

Abdul Qadir Al Rassam

Abdul Qadir Al Rassam,عبد القادر الرسام, 1952 - 1882, was born in Baghdad, Iraq. He was the... more »

Abdul Rahim Nagori

Prof. Abdul Rahim Nagori was a Pakistani painter known for his socio-political themes. He has... more »

Abdulcelil Levni

Abdulcelil Levni or Abdulcelil Çelebi was an Ottoman court painter and miniaturist. more »

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