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Robert McDowell

Robert McDowell is a member of the musical group, Manchester Orchestra. more »

Robert Merrill

Robert Merrill was an American operatic baritone, who was also active in the musical theatre... more »

Robert Uhlmann

Robert Uhlmann is a Swedish media executive and composer who has written music for the artists... more »

Robert Wilson

Robert Wilson was a member of the musical group, The Gap Band. more »

Robert Wynia

Robert Wynia is a member of the musical group, Floater. more »

Roberta Alexander

Roberta Alexander is an American operatic soprano. She made her debut at the Netherlands Opera... more »

Roberta Invernizzi

Roberta Invernizzi is an Italian soprano. She originally studied piano and double bass before... more »

Roberta Peters

Roberta Peters is an American coloratura soprano. One of the most prominent American singers to... more »

Roberto Rufino

Roberto Rufino fue un cantor argentino de tango que nació el 6 de enero de 1922 en la ciudad de... more »

Roberto Tiranti

Roberto Tiranti is a member of the musical group Labyrinth. more »

Robin Barter

Robin Barter is a musical artist and film producer. more »

Robin Bennett

Robin Bennett is a musician. more »

Robin Geradts-Gill

Robin Geradts-Gill was a member of the musical band, The Little Stevies. more »

Robin Holcomb

Robin Lynn Holcomb is an American singer, songwriter and pianist. Her musical style combines... more »

Robin Juhkental

Robin Juhkental is an Estonian singer. He is the frontman of Malcolm Lincoln. Juhkental has... more »

Robin Mayhew

Robin Mayhew was a member of the rock band The Presidents. more »

Robin McMaas

Robin McMaas is a member of the musical group Hermes House Band. more »

Robin Sjunnesson

Robin Sjunnesson is a member of the musical group, Sonic Syndicate. more »

Robin Wolaver

Robin Wolaver is a member of the musical group, Annie Moses Band. more »

Robo Grigorov

Robo Grigorov je slovenský skladatel, hudebník, hudební producent a zpěvák. Spolu se zpěváky a... more »


Sebastian Rocca is a Latin Grammy nominated musical artist. more »


Lamine Kaminsky, better known by his stage name Rocé is a French rapper of Algerian origin. Born... more »

Rochad Holiday

Rochad Holiday was a member of the musical group, Somethin' for the People. more »

Rockin' Squat

Mathias Crochon, better known as Rockin' Squat, is a French MC. He is the son of the actor... more »

Rockpile Jones

Rockpile Jones is a member of the former Australian musical group Ol' 55. more »

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