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Birgitta Andersson

Ulla Birgitta Helena Andersson Bye is a Swedish actress and comedian. Andersson is a very... more »

Bitsie Tulloch

Elizabeth Tulloch, known professionally as Bitsie Tulloch, is an American actress. more »

Bizarro Blackstone

Bizzarro Blackstone was the narrator voice in the film "Death Faces". more »

Bjarne Henriksen

Bjarne Henriksen is a Danish film and television actor. He has appeared in theatre productions... more »

Bjarne Spellerberg Orfelt

Bjarne Spellerberg Orfelt is a voice actor and film producer. more »

Bjarni Gautur

Bjarni Gautur is a film producer, cinematographer, film editor,screen writer, film director,... more »

Bjørn Alexander

Bjørn Alexander is an actor and a voice actor. more »

Blain Fairman

Blain Fairman is an actor and voice actor. more »

Blair Brown

Bonnie Blair Brown is an American theater, film, and television actress. She has had a number of... more »

Blake Clark

Blake Clark is an American stand-up comedian, actor, voice artist, comedian, best known as Chet... more »

Blake Lindsley

Blake Lindsley is an American actress. more »

Blake McIver Ewing

Blake McIver Ewing is an American actor. He was known for playing Derek, Michelle's friend on... more »

Blake Shepard

Blake Shepard is an American animator, visual artist and voice actor who works for anime series... more »

Blanca Camacho

Blanca Camacho is an actress and a voice actress. more »

Blanche Ravalec

Blanche Ravalec is a French actress and dubbing artist. To English-speaking audiences, she is... more »

Blayne Weaver

Blayne Weaver is an American actor and writer, born in Bossier City, Louisiana. Weaver began to... more »

Blaze Berdahl

Blaze Autumn Berdahl is an American actress, singer, voice-over actor, announcer, and narrator... more »

Blu Mankuma

Blu Mankuma is an American actor. He has appeared in numerous Canadian and American productions... more »


Jasmin Wagner, better known as Blümchen, is a multi-platinum selling pop and dance music singer,... more »

Blythe Danner

Blythe Katherine Danner is an American actress. She is arguably most well-known to today's... more »


Kwon Boa, commonly stylized and known by her stage name BoA, which is a backronym for Beat of... more »

Bob Balaban

Robert Elmer "Bob" Balaban is an American actor, author, producer, and director. more »

Bob Bergen

Robert "Bob" Bergen is an American voice actor. He is the current voice of Porky Pig, and... more »

Bob Bobson

Bob Bobson is a voice actor. more »

Bob Borjal

Bob Borjal is a voice actor. more »

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