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Frédéric Meaux

Frédéric Meaux is a voice actor. more »

Frédéric Souderelle

Frédéric Souderelle is a voice actor. more »

Frédérique Marlot

Frédérique Marlot is a voice actress. more »

Frederique Tirmont

Frederique Tirmont is an actress and voice actress. more »

Fredrik Dolk

Fredrik Dolk is a Swedish actor. He is a noted voice actor and has delivered the Swedish voice... more »

Fredrik O. Knutsen

Fredrik O. Knutsen is a voice actor. more »

French Stewart

French Stewart is an American actor, best known for his role as Harry Solomon on the 1990s... more »

French Tickner

French Tickner performed in the 2001 Video film Barbie in the Nutcracker. more »

Frigyes Bárány

Frigyes Bárány is an actor. more »

Frigyes Hollósi

Frigyes Hollósi was a Hungarian actor. Born in Budapest, as Weininger Frigyes, he appeared in... more »

Fritz Alberti

Fritz Alberti was a German actor. more »

Fritz Gianvito

Fritz Gianvito is a voice actor. more »

Fujiko Takimoto

Fujiko Takimoto is a Japanese voice actress born in Osaka, Japan who is famous for her part in... more »

Fujio Tokita

Fujio Tokita is an actor and voice actor. more »

Fujita Masayo

Fujita Masayo is a voice actor. more »

Fūka Haruna

Fūka Haruna is a Japanese child actress, model, Internet personality. She is represented by the... more »

Fūko Saito

Fūko Saito is a voice actress. more »

Fumi Dan

Fumi Dan is a Japanese actress. She was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 17th Japan... more »

Fumi Hirano

Fumi Hirano is a Japanese voice actress and essayist who is best known for voicing Lum Invader... more »

Fumi Koyama

Fumi Koyama is a voice actress. more »

Fumie Kashiyama

Fumie Kashiyama is a Japanese actress who is a member of the Mingei Theatre Company. In 1966,... more »

Fumie Kitahara

Fumie Kitahara was a film and voice actress. more »

Fumie Kusachi

Fumie Kusachi is a Japanese voice actress. more »

Fumie Mizusawa

Fumie Mizusawa is a Japanese voice actress. She is represented by Sigma Seven. Fumie also... more »

Fumihiko Kodou

Fumihiko Kodou is a voice actor. more »

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