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G. Hannelius

Genevieve Hannelius, known professionally as G. Hannelius, is an American actress. She played... more »

G.K. Bowes

Gina K. Bowes, more commonly known as G.K. Bowes, is a voice actress famous for playing Senna in... more »

Gaamon Kai

Gaamon Kai is an actor. more »

Gab Tiongco

Gab Tiongco is a voice actor. more »

Gabe Khouth

Gabe Khouth is a Canadian voice actor who works for Ocean Studios in Vancouver, British... more »

Gabi Ford

Gabi Ford is a voice actress. more »

Gabriel Chavez

Gabriel Chavez is a Latin American voice actor who was the voice of Daisuke Jigen in the... more »

Gabriel Gama

Gabriel Gama is a Latin American voice actor. He is best known for Spanish language dubbing on... more »

Gabriel Hogan

Gabriel Hogan is a Canadian actor. Hogan is best known for his continuing roles on Canadian hit... more »

Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel J. Iglecias, known professionally as Gabriel Iglesias and comically as Fluffy, is an... more »

Gabriel Mann

Gabriel Mann is an American actor and former fashion model, best known for his role as Nolan... more »

Gabriel Noya

Gabriel Noya is a voice actor. more »

Gabriel Odenhammar

Gabriel Odenhammar is a Swedish actor and voice actor, who is well known as Sune's brother Håkan... more »

Gabriel Rush

Gabriel Rush is an actor and a voice actor. more »

Gabriela Beltrán

Gabriela Beltrán is a voice actress. more »

Gabriele Calindri

Gabriele Calindri is a voice actor. more »

Gabriele Lavia

Gabriele Lavia is an Italian actor, film director and theatre director. Lavia was born in Milan,... more »

Gabriella Borbás

Gabriella Borbás is a Hungarian actress and voice actor. more »

Gabriella Gubas

Gabriella Gubás is an actress and voice actress. more »

Gabrielle Pietermann

Gabrielle Pietermann is a German voice actress. She is most famous for being the German dub-over... more »

Gaby Milder

Gaby Milder is an actress and voice actress. more »

Gaetano Varcasia

Gaetano Varcasia is a voice actor. more »

Gage Davenport

Gage Davenport is an actor. more »

Gage Knox

Gage Knox on kanadalainen näyttelijä. Hänen tunnetuin roolinsa on Max Tate Beybladen englanniksi... more »

Gage Munroe

Gage Munroe is a Canadian teen actor and voice actor. He has appeared and/or done voice work on... more »

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