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Gerhard Garbers

Gerhard Garbers is an actor. more »

Gerhard Olschewski

Gerhard Olschewski is a German actor. He has appeared in 94 films and television shows since... more »

Gerhard Polt

Gerhard Polt is a Bavarian writer, filmmaker, actor and satirical cabaret artist. Gerhard Polt's... more »

Gerlach Fiedler

Gerlach Fiedler was an actor and film director. more »

Germán Robles

Germán Horacio Robles is a Mexican film, theater, television, and voice actor. He came to Mexico... more »

Germana Dominici

Germana Dominici is an actress and a voice actress. more »

Germano Longo

Germano Longo is an actor and voice actor. more »

Gerri Sorrells

Gerri Sorrells is a voice actress. more »

Gerrianne Raphael

Gerrianne Raphael is an actress and voice actor. She is perhaps best known for her major role as... more »

Gerrit Graham

Gerrit Graham is an American actor and songwriter. He has appeared in such films as Used Cars,... more »

Gerrit Schmidt-Foß

Gerrit Schmidt-Foß is an actor and voice actor. more »

Gerry Anderson

Gerry Anderson, MBE was an English television and film producer, director, writer and occasional... more »

Gert Fröbe

Karl Gerhart Fröbe, better known as Gert Fröbe, was a German film actor known for his work as... more »

Gert Van den Bergh

Gert Van den Bergh was a South African film actor. more »

Gertrud Kückelmann

Gertrud Kückelmann is an actress. more »

Gessy Fonseca

Gessy Fonseca is an actress. more »

Geszti Péter

Péter Geszti is a singer and the ex-husband of Dorka Gryllus. more »

Getachew Tadese

Getachew Tadese is a voice actor. more »

Géza Balkay

Géza Balkay was a Hungarian television and film actor. He appeared in 46 films and television... more »

Géza D. Hegedüs

Géza D. Hegedüs is an actor and voice actor. more »

Geza Schramek

Geza Schramek is an actor and voice actor. more »

Géza Tordy

Géza Tordy is a Hungarian actor. more »

Gi-Hyeung Kim

Gi-Hyeung Kim is a voice actor. more »

Giacomo Furia

Giacomo Furia is an Italian film actor. He appeared in over 130 films between 1948 and 1998. He... more »

Giancarlo Giannini

Giancarlo Giannini is an Italian actor and dubber. Giannini was born in La Spezia, Liguria,... more »

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