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Rozie Curtis

Rozanne Damone Curtis is an American actress, choreographer, director, producer, writer and... more »

Ru Kuwahata

Ru Kuwahata is a voice actress, screenwriter, film director, film art director and film... more »

Ruben Santiago-Hudson

Ruben Santiago-Hudson is an American actor and playwright, who has won national awards for his... more »

Rubina Kuraoka

Rubina Kuraoka, is a German voice actress. more »

Ruby Dee

Ruby Dee is an American actress, poet, playwright, screenwriter, journalist, activist, and widow... more »

Rüdiger Joswig

Rüdiger Joswig is an actor. more »

Rüdiger Vogler

Rüdiger Vogler is a German film and stage actor. more »

Rudolf Hrušínský

Rudolf Hrušínský was an acclaimed Czech actor. more »

Rudolf Pankov

Rudolf Pankov is an actor and voice actor. more »

Rudolf Somogyvári

Rudolf Somogyvári was a Hungarian actor. more »

Rudy Roberson

Rudy Roberson is a voice actor. more »

Rufus Beck

Rufus Beck is a German theater, film, and voice actor. Besides his work on stage, on film, and... more »

Ruggero Dondi

Ruggero Dondi is a voice actor. more »

Rumi Hiiragi

Rumi Hiiragi is a Japanese actress. more »

Rumi Kasahara

Rumi Kasahara is a voice actress. She is currently represented by Aoni Production. more »

Rumi Ochiai

Rumi Ochiai is a Japanese voice actress. more »

Rumi Ōkubo

Rumi Ōkubo is a Japanese voice actress. more »

Rumi Shishido

Rumi Shishido is a Japanese voice actress, independent recording artist, cameraman, illustrator,... more »

Rumi Sugimoto

Rumi Sugimoto is a voice actress. more »

Rumiko Ukai

Rumiko Ukai is a Japanese voice actress best known for voicing Frau Bow in the original Mobile... more »

Rumiko Varnes

Rumiko Varnes is a voice actress. more »

Run Sasaki

Run Sasaki, is a veteran Japanese voice actress. Born in Japan, she now lives in Seattle in the... more »

Runa Akiyama

Runa Akiyama is a Japanese voice actress. Her real name is Teruko Akiyama. She was born in the... more »

Rúnar Freyr Gíslason

Rúnar Freyr Gíslason is an Icelandic actor and voice actor, who he is married to Icelandic... more »

Rupert Degas

Rupert Joel Degas is an English actor and voice actor. He now resides in Sydney, Australia. more »

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