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Ladis Sitte

Ladis Sitte is an actor. more »

Laércio Laurelli

Laércio Laurelli is an actor. more »

Laert Sarrumor

Laert Sarrumor is an actor. more »

LaGloria Scott

LaGloria Scott is an actress. more »

Lance Delisle

Lance Delisle is an actor. more »

Lars E. Christiansen

Lars E. Christiansen is an actor. more »

Laura Gentile

Laura Gentile is an actress and film producer. more »

Lauro Gazzolo

Lauro Gazzolo is an actor. more »

Leah Shaheen

Leah Shaheen is an actress. more »

Leanne Smith

Leanne Smith is an actress. more »

Lee Magnuson

Lee Magnuson is an actor. more »

Lee Millar

Lee Millar was an actor. more »

Lee Richardson

Lee Richardson was an actor. more »

Leif Anders

Leif Anders is an actor. more »

Lenny Mandel

Lenny Mandel is an actor. more »

Leo Damian

Leo Damian is an actor, screenwriter and film producer. more »

Leo De Lyon

Leo De Lyon is an American voice actor famous for his role as Spook and Brain in the cartoon Top... more »

Leos Noha

Leoš Noha is an actor. more »

Les Lye

Leslie Earnest "Les" Lye was a Canadian actor, veteran comedian, writer and voice artist. Best... more »

Leslie Denison

Leslie Denison was an actor. more »

Li Meng

Li Meng is an actress. more »

Liam Hourican

Liam Hourican is an actor and screenwriter. more »


Lich is a video game player who gave his/hers voice to characters from Operation Bayshield. more »

Licha Romay

Licha Romay is an actress. more »

Lida Rakusanová

Lída Rakusanová is an actress. more »